Sunless Tanning Salons in Nixa, Missouri

tanningThere are numerous salons providing Sunless tan services in this Christian County City, in Missouri. The salons provide varied types of tans and have various methods to provide sunless tanning services. All of them use tanning booths and beds technologies to achieve this. Owners of salons in this city strive to provide the desired hygiene, happy temperament and customer experience so that they can attract the many sensitive members of the society. The tanning units themselves are designed to provide a quick service to complement the latter, making the existing salons be on the competitive edge.

In order to understand how you manage to get a tan, you must first understand the types and effects of exposure to ultra-violet rays, comprising of UVB and UVA, as tanning bed technologies employ this to give desired results. When your epidermis is exposed to the UVB rays, it produces melanin beginning the color alteration process. When introduced to UVA afterwards, the melanin oxidizes giving a golden brown color to the skin. To achieve the precision of these kinds of rays, the Nixa, MO tanning beds are complemented with unique bulb lighting emitting the preferred rays. The beds could be complemented with low pressure or high pressure bulbs.

For instant results, it would be advisable to seek for the ultrabronz tan bed, which is complemented with high pressure lamps and is comfortable. It may be termed as a luxurious method since you tan as you lie down on a soothing mattress, on one side then the other. As for the tanning booths of the city salons, you get to have customized options to select from. Salons here have experienced consultants who are able to advise you on the perfect shade and deliver it in less than 3 minutes in the booth. Most of the salons in Nixa provide tans that can last for one or two weeks.

Salons here have numerous skin care products that are of benefit to you, just seek advice from the experienced skin tanning consultants. Get that skin that has the perfect tan, no wrinkles and no lines by selecting the best salon with the best versa spa and sunless tan options. The better thing to do so that you are able to manage to pay for the best service in the Nixa salons would be to check out the various membership packages available and join in.

Being a member means you get to enjoy certain treats at reduced prices and hence maintaining a regular schedule. Some salons have developed computer applications and made them accessible for clients and potential customers to register for their memberships online. Most of them have websites that flaunt their tanning beds and other amenities so that potential customers can have a look beforehand.

Tanning helps to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, acting as a natural mechanism to defend your skin through pre-mature exfoliation of the body.

Resources That Veterans Should Know About

Resources For Veterans

Yesterday I was talking with my friend about mountain climbing.

We’re new to the sport, and completely no experience when it came to knowing where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Case in point, we needed someone to help us or guide.

A guide who could show us the musts about mountain climbing, and give us some tips to help us turn the amusement into something we could be passionate about.

So we asked for help from a good friend of ours(someone who actually climbs some of the most challenging mountains around), and he pointed us to a guide he wrote for a mountain climbing enthusiast website.

The guide was very nice, and included all sorts of information about gears, do’s and don’ts, the best mountains for climbing in each state, techniques and more.

So when it comes to the life of a Veteran, what helpful resources are out there for you?

There are only some news websites focused towards military personnel and Veterans, and forums for discussing current events and politics.

Not much else.

So I decided to create my own, and post it here for everyone to use and share.


Google+ Pages To Add To Your Circles

Google Plus

Google+ says there are 300 million monthly active users on the platform, and with the Communities feature, there are plenty of circles to get involved with.

1. Flagship Financial Group on Google+ Local

2. Google for Veterans and Families

3 U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs


Twitter Accounts To Follow


With 288 million monthly active users, Twitter is another large and popular social network. The company says 500 million Tweets are sent each day, so the opportunity for Veterans to network with others is a big draw.

4. Flagship Financial Group Twitter

5. Veterans Benefits

6. National Military Family Association


Facebook Pages To Follow


Facebook is a social network launched in 2004, and has quickly grown to an average of 890 million daily active users as of December 2014. If you’re a Veteran, Facebook is a great way to network with other military members and Veterans in the community.

7. Flagship Financial Group Facebook

8. Supporting Our Veterans

9. U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs


YouTube Channels For Veterans


Youtube has more than 1 billion, and the company says 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. Check out the helpful Veterans and retirement videos.

10. Flagship Financial Group YouTube

11. Disabled American Veterans

12. Veterans Health Administration


Pinterest Boards To Follow


Another large social network is Pinterest, with 70 million users as of July 2013. Not only will you find inspirational pins, but links to articles of general interest to Veterans and their families.

13. Flagship Financial Group Pinterest

14. Operation Gratitude

15. Veterans – Celebrate them


Helpful Blog Posts For Veterans

Flagship Financial Blog Post

Blog posts are great for education, entertainment and information, and a lot of modern blogs are created to genuinely help people with their questions.

16. 9 Common Questions About The VA Home Loan Benefit

17. Learn More About VA Benefit Eligibility

18. A Survivor’s Guide To Benefits

Top 10 Workout Must-Haves

gymExercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body healthy and active, will help you have a long and fulfilling life. Here are the top 10 must haves to make that workout just a little easier.

1. Shoes
Good, sturdy shoes are a must to protect your legs, back, feet, and knees from injury. Many sports stores will even do an evaluation of your feet and running style, to help you pick the perfect shoe for your body.

2. Clothing
A comfortable pair of pants or shorts and a shirt that wicks away sweat, are a must have when it comes to a good workout. Choose clothes that don’t rub against your skin, and easily move with your body.

3. Socks
A good pair of moisture wicking socks, that fit properly, will help prevent you from getting blisters and other common problems with your feet.

4. Headphones
Nothing like music to keep you going and motivated on your workout. A good pair of headphones, that won’t slip out of your ears, are a must have for any workout routine.

5. Workout DVD
Pick your favorite fitness guru and have their video ready to go for those days where you can’t get to the gym, or go outside due to weather, or simply just want to stay at home.

5. Yoga Mat
Having your own yoga mat is a nice whether working out at home or a gym. Then you never have to wonder who used the mat before you.

6. Hand weights
Light weight hand weights are great for resistance work and strength training. Having a pair of 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb weights will help add some resistance to your workouts, helping you get the most out of every workout.

7. Knee sleeves
Knees are one of the most common problem areas that people experience, when it comes to their body and joints, when exercising. Good knee sleeves will help protect and save your knees from any further injury.

8. Fuel
Yes, it is important to fuel your body for a good and beneficial workout. Some protein, whether from a shake, bar, or natural, real foods, is important to keep you body strong during intense workout sessions.

9. Water
Keeping hydrated during a workout is the absolute most important thing to remember. Keep a full water bottle with you, or near you, the entire time you workout, to remind yourself to hydrate often.

10. Watch or heart rate monitor
Tracking your heart rate can help optimize your workout, and burn the most calories. Having a watch will help keep you on track and know when it is time to move on to the next step in your workout.

The Dangers of Mosquitoes

The Dangers of MosquitoesIf you have ever been bitten by an insect, you may simply brush it off; however, if that insect happens to be a mosquito, the results could be somewhat different. Mosquitoes can suck your blood and spread bacteria. They also spread other diseases that are dangerous to our health. Just think about the millions of cases of malaria that are diagnosed every year, and you might get an idea how dangerous mosquitoes can be.

Because of the dangers that these insects can cause, we are constantly looking for ways to keep them away from us. When swatting fails, we bathe ourselves in repellant and wear as many layers of clothes as we can put our hands on. When the hand is not quick enough, we seek out other options like racket-sized swatters and even that option seems to miss the mark. When things get beyond our control, which is usually very often, we turn to a mosquito squad to save us.

The thought of being bitten by a mosquito is not a pleasant one, so when friends and well-wishers offer solutions to our mosquito infestation problem, we tend to jump on them. Some popular advice seems to make sense, but the thought of locking ourselves inside during the periods of dusk and dawn may seem like an old wife’s tale. Sleeping under a mosquito net does not seem like a natural option either and soon they find their way inside anyway.

There may not be any simple options for getting rid of mosquitoes around the house. You can seek the services of a professional, but that does not mean you cannot do a few things for yourself. With thousands of variations to the mosquito, it might be a good idea to make a few changes to the way you keep your home, such as installing screens in your windows and doors. You might also consider removing any opportunity for them to breed by getting rid of any standing water.

Shopping for stronger insect repellants may provide you with peace of mind, and it could offer some temporary relief while you are outside getting some fresh air, but mosquito problems will need a long-term solution to deal with them. The Mosquito Squad is a nationwide franchise that offers solutions to mosquito and tick problems. This would be a great opportunity to get rid of your mosquito problem finally.

The next time you decide to let the dog out to do its business, and it starts to yelp from insects around the yard, remember that you can do something about it. You can do a lot better than locking yourself inside or spraying yourself and your pooch; you can call in the professionals.

How to Improve Your Current Smile

How to Improve Your Current SmileYour smile can be one of your greatest assets or it can be a detriment. Often, it is the first impression you give to others. We all know how important this first impression is, as someone judges whether or not they want to approach you to become friends in just a few seconds upon seeing you. It has been noted that a person’s smile is the number one feature that can make them attractive to other people. People who have great smiles radiate warmth and friendliness, and make them more approachable. Follow these tips for having a great smile.

The first way to have a great smile is to increase your awareness of your smile. People with really warm smiles seem to use their whole face, eyes included in that warm smile that makes them seem so beautiful to you. You may find standing in front of the mirror and covering your mouth, helpful to practice smiling with your eyes. Pay particular attention to what muscles you are using.

The second way to have a great smile is to focus on your teeth. Strong teeth are a good indication of good health. If you have less than desirable teeth consider cosmetic dentistry. Genesis Dental is a great place to turn to for help. They have a lot of solutions so that your teeth can become how you want them to look. Some of their services include: porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, implant retained dentures, sculpting the gum line, and orthodontic services such as Invisalign. They will work with you regardless if you have a lot or a little cosmetic work to do and provide you with high quality service and procedures.

The third way to have a great smile is to do exercises. You may find yourself laughing at this, but to become good at anything we know requires practice. If your face isn’t used to smiling, when you try to smile it will look unnatural. Practice smiling and stretching out your face muscles so when you smile it looks natural and beautiful. Doing exercises also helps to keep your lips, especially your upper lip, plump. Naturally lips tend to thin as we age, so by doing regular exercises we can help to keep them healthy and plump aiding in our beautiful smile.

Along these lines, it is important to keep your skin hydrated. Help your skin stay hydrated and healthy by staying out of the sun and by using lotions. Not only should the area around your mouth by hydrated, but in order to have a great smile your lips should always be hydrated as well. Regularly apply chapstick to your lips so they don’t dry out and crack.

Finally, a fifth way to have a great smile is to spend time watching comical movies or shows. Smiling actually makes a person feel happier, so why wouldn’t everyone want to experience this! So take the time to regularly watch something funny, so that not only are you used to smiling, but you are getting good chemicals being released into your system causing happiness and stress relief. If you follow these manageable tips, you will better your smile and leave a lasting impression.

Fun Ways to Get in Shape

west-rim-trail-view-highTo start off, I’m going to be honest- I’m not a fan of exercising. I know it’s something I need to do, but knowing that doesn’t make doing it any easier. I’ve never been one who feels comfortable (let alone excited) to work out in a gym full of strangers, nor do I enjoy the pastime of running, whether indoors or out. Again, to be honest, I think my lack of motivation is a combination of getting bored easily and not wanting to pay a lot of money for a gym membership. So, for all of you who feel the way I do, I have a few exercise suggestions that might make getting in shape more bearable:

  1.  Go Hiking. This suggestion really only works if you live near or around places to hike, and as I live in Utah, I’m fairly close to a lot of hiking spots. Not only is hiking a great way to see beautiful places, it gives you quite a work out. This suggestion is especially fun (and safer, I might add) if you go with a friend, spouse, sibling, etc. It’s not something that needs to be done every day, but it’s a great option if you’re looking to add to your regular exercise habits, or if you just want to keep yourself moderately in shape.
  2. At home workouts. There are plenty of workout videos online, and there are other workout videos and DVDs you can purchase for relatively cheap compared to a year’s gym membership. Working out in the privacy of your own home is convenient and easy to do if you’re tight on time, and it’s also a great alternative if you’re not comfortable working out in front of other people.
  3. Go on walks. Don’t laugh, I know you want to. Walking seems like the least effective mode of exercise, but you’d be surprised at the benefits that come from this simple activity. To give you an idea, here’s a short list of benefits mentioned by the American Heart Association on their website.
  4. Develop an athletic hobby. Exercising is much more fun when you’re playing sports. Find a sport you enjoy (notice I said one that you enjoy -it’s okay if you’re not very good at it) and join a community team or get together a group of friends to play once a week. Not only will this help your physical health, it’ll help your social health as well.

These suggestions have worked for me, and I hope they’ll work for you too. The most important thing is that you’re staying active, in whatever way works for you. So don’t worry about strict workout routines. Get out there, have some fun, and get in shape along the way.

Fighting the Monster of Alcoholism

Fighting the Monster of AlcoholismAlcohol addiction boxes you into a corner. What starts as a social habit soon turns into a monster that you cannot control. After much reflection, you may take the great leap of faith and quit. Sadly, this may only last a few days. This is because your body has gotten used to a high dose of alcohol, you have reached a stage where you are totally dependent on alcohol. Without it you cannot concentrate on your work, you feel shy of just cannot face reality. This feeling forces you to go for some more. The truth is denying your body a substance that has gotten used to makes one feel terrible.

Overcoming the fear of recovery

The fear of what life will be like after you come out of an alcohol treatment program is not real. In essence, your mind is playing with you. Psychiatrists reckon that, your mind has already registered that living a clean life has its benefits. It therefore goes ahead to paint a bleak picture of how you will remain miserable if you quit. What happens is that after you start living a life free from alcohol, you start feeling much better. Doctors and psychiatrists will help in tackling withdrawal effects. In a matter of weeks, your body will have recovered. It takes longer for the mind though and that is why counseling comes into play.

Give the body a chance to recover

There is no other way out for an alcoholic; you must give your body a chance to recover. Look at it this way. If you go for detoxification for, say, five days and then go scot free without any other lesson, that treatment won’t help. That is why rehab programs are designed to provide treatment and counseling at the same time. There is also constant follow up in order to ensure that you do not experience a relapse. Now that the rehab team has done its part, the rest is up to you. The desire to quit drinking and be integrated into normal life is what should drive you to pursue recovery.

Surrendering from an alcoholic life

Former alcoholics who are now fully recovered will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work in order to be free from addiction. There is no way you will stop drinking and then continue frequenting pubs or hanging out with your old drinking mates. You must change your way of life. Get rid of all loopholes that threaten to get you back into your old habits. The changeover from an alcoholic to a non-alcoholic requires total surrender. You accept that you are an alcoholic who needs help and is ready to embrace a new life. Seek help from the people you trust. Above everything else, go for rehab.

Monster of Alcoholism

Tips for Losing Weight

Tips for Losing WeightLoosing weight is one of the best things that you can do for your body. There are many benefits of having a leaner physique, which impact your quality of life for the better. A steady workout routine is ideal, and at they specialize in helping you to meet your needs safely and effectively. Any new change we take on is of course easier said than done, but with a few tips, you can keep the weight off and start feeling better today.

Eat Fat Burning Foods

One of the best ways to kick off your weight loss routine is to add more fat burning foods to your diet. Calorie burning foods increase metabolism, which is essential in any weight loss program. They also help you to not feel overly hungry all the time, which means no overeating. So add more yogurt, apples, honey, nuts and fruits and veggies that are high in vitamin C to you diet.

Drink Plenty of Water

Focus on having more water in place of juice, coffee and soft drinks. Sugary beverages can really add to your waistline. By drinking water throughout the day, you feel fuller and have less of a need to binge on unhealthy snacks.

Three Meals a Day

Three meals spread out with a snack in between lunch and dinner will increases your energy use, which is fat burning. If you eat too many meals throughout the day it’s hard to keep track of calories, and it makes your body absorb more sugar. More sugar stored means less weight loss. Eating every four hours stabilizes your blood sugar, regulates insulin production and decreases hunger.

Start Walking

Walking 45 minutes a day prevents weight gain and burns calories. A brisk 45 minute walk can breakdown an additional 300 calories. This is a good goal to aspire to, especially, if you haven’t had a regular workout routine in a while. Start incrementally, and work your way up.

Use Social Networking

Deciding to loose weight can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. Find an online weight loss friend. There are many weight maintenance programs on the internet that can get you started.

Dropping 10 percent of your current weight can be an enormous benefit and affect you positively. You will look better and feel much more energetic. The main thing to remember, is to begin with small changes and don’t assume it all has to happen over night. Little adjustments can make the difference and keep you motivated toward reaching your goals.

Staying Fit 101

staying_fitIf you made new year’s resolutions this year, there’s a good chance getting in shape is at the top of your list. Accomplishing your fitness goals, and doing it right, takes some effort but is far from impossible! No matter your starting point, 2014 will be the year you whip yourself into shape and stay that way!

It sounds simple, but commitment is the first, and sometimes most difficult, step to achieving your fitness goals. If following through on your intentions means penning it in your day planner, creating a Google invite for yourself, or even making it your facebook status, do it! Designate the same special time each day to get your sweat on and respect it like any other appointment.

For some, joining a gym like Fit Athletic Club might be the key to commitment. Paying for a gym membership plus the added bonus of group classes, state of the art machines, and personal trainers make working out all the more appealing!

It’s better to get in a short workout than none at all, so don’t let a busy schedule stand in your way. Waking up a little early, taking time out of your lunch break, or pushing back dinner plans can give you more the 20 or even 15 minutes you need. Many gyms including Fit Athletic Club are open 5 AM to 10 PM, so there’s no excuse!

Be honest and respectful of your fitness level. Consult your doctor before starting a new regime. Listen to your body: if it’s too intense, stop or slow to an active rest like jogging in place. Don’t be afraid of modifications. Doing pushups on your knees or heel jacks instead of jumping jacks will gradually build strength and endurance without missing out on the exercise. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are at a higher fitness level, really push yourself and give it your all to avoid plateauing.

On that note, for the sake of improving your fitness level and saving yourself from boredom, diversify! Doing the same old thing not only makes you less excited about exercise but cheats your body of the full benefits. Switching up your routine burns more calories and makes your body work harder. Mix it up with spinning one day, kettle balls another, yoga the next, then a step class, or a run outside!

Lastly, don’t forget the basics! Drink water before and during your workout to both keep you hydrated and lubricate muscles and joints. Do a dynamic stretch before your workout and a static stretch afterwards, holding each pose for 15-60 seconds without bouncing to avoid muscles tears. Find a shoe that fits your style, activity, and gait. Now let the fitness begin!

Taking Care of Your Hair in Humid Weather

frizzy_hairHumidity can really create problems for your hair. In humid weather, the water vapor in the air is at a very high level. This water vapor clings to hair causing it to expand. Because of this, hair can appear frizzy, unkempt and puffy.

In addition to this, humid weather can actually dry out hair. Hair that is dry will sadly become more frizzy and unmanageable. The good news is that you can take care of your hair even if the weather is humid. By taking good care of your hair, you can make sure that your lovely locks look smooth and sleek on even the most humid of days.

One of the best ways to keep your hair in good condition is to avoid drying your hair with a hair dryer during humid weather. The heat can further damage the shaft of the hair and can cause additional frizziness. Likewise, be careful when using curling irons or straightening irons during humid weather. Both of these products use heat and can further damage stressed hair.

There are also different types of shampoo products designed to help keep hair in good condition. These shampoos will also help to reduce frizzy hair and keep hair smooth. After shampooing hair, it is important to use a good conditioner. Some conditioners can be applied and rinsed out after washing hair. Other conditioning treatments are designed to remain in the hair. There are a number of different types of such conditioning treatments available. The type you choose will depend upon your hair type, and even the amount of money that you have to spend on treatments.

Humidity resistant hair conditioning foam is one of the most popular hair care products to help reduce frizz and condition hair. This foam can be easily worked through the hair and will definitely minimize frizziness. In addition, there are different types of foam products available depending upon the type of hair that you have as well as the type of hairstyle that you have. If you want a smooth, sleek look to your hair, you’ll want to use a foam designed especially for that. On the other hand, if you want soft curls, you’ll need to use a foam product designed for that. The cost of these products can vary from product to product as well as from store to store. In general, it is cheaper to purchase such products at a drug store or hair care store.

In order to keep your locks in place, follow up your treatment regimen with a hair spray designed for frizzy hair. By doing this, you can ensure that your hair will look gorgeous no matter what the weather is like!