Yoga: Just A Trend?

Every now and again there is an exercise trend that is sweeps through the suburbs of the United States that gets housewives and movie stars both moving. Yoga began as an exercise trend, popular because it came with tight pants and a lean body with what appeared to be minimal effort. However, this trend has stuck around. If you have been skeptical about the benefits of yoga because you wonder about its effectiveness if so many people are able to do it, then look no further. Here are some reasons that yoga is a real exercise and is all around good for you.

Yoga can make you more flexible. While you may have already come to this conclusion yourself, it needs to be mentioned because there is more to being flexible than touching your head to your knees. When you stretch with yoga, you are able to release any build-up of lactic acid in your muscles. Lactic acid is the stuff that makes you sore and causes stiffness and tension in your muscles. When you release it, you are helping your muscles to grow and develop without pain and injury. In addition to elongating and stretching your muscles, yoga also works the soft tissues that surround your muscles. This means that you will be able to work out without hurting yourself because your muscles will be more flexible and also the tissues around them will bend to their shape and support them better.

While stretching may not seem like a great work out, it builds up strength in ways that you never would have thought. The deliberate movement of the poses and the length that you are supposed to hold them help to contribute to the strengthening and increased tone of muscles. Endurance is a key part of any yoga practice and allows the muscles to work for long periods of time in ways that efficiently and effectively increase muscular tone. When you practice yoga, your core gains a huge amount of strength as well because that is what helps you to support any of the poses. Your core is your base and because of that it is strengthened in huge ways.

Because of the way that muscles are used in yoga, posture is increased rapidly. When you have a strong core, you automatically stand up taller. The poses also work your back and shoulders so that you stand up “tall” and straight in a way that is comfortable and not at all rigid. The nature of yoga also increases your awareness of your body, which means that you are able to analyze the way you are standing and fix it properly.

If you have done any kind of lifting or long-distance running, then you are well aware that the theory of mind over matter is very real. When you think that you can do something, then you can and vice versa. The same goes with yoga. Often the poses require a mastering of the mind in order to get the most out of it. This exercise of the mind helps to eliminate stress and increases concentration and actually makes you happier. The breathing aspect of yoga also helps to eliminate stress and helps you to become the master of your own mind.

All-in-all, yoga helps you to have a holistic work out while giving you the benefits of any other kind of exercise. You have a better body, better mind, and better control over emotions and such.

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