Walk Your Way to A New You

Yes, exercising can be as simple as walking. This does not mean that walking from the couch to the fridge and back counts as exercise. When you walk the right way and have a plan, you can turn this everyday activity into a fat-burning one. Keep in mind that for any of these walking programs, you need to be moving with high intensity in order for it to make any difference. You should spend about twenty minutes walking three days a week to see any sort of improvement. On the days that you are not walking, then make sure that you are doing some other kind of physical activity or cardiovascular activity.

If you have a treadmill, then that is the perfect place to start. There are many different ways to use a treadmill to help you become more fit. One way is to begin walking at a speed that feels comfortable to you. Then, start to increase your speed so that you are beginning to sweat after about fifteen minutes. Professionals recommend that you begin increasing at a rate of 0.6 miles per hour until you get to a rapid pace, then drop the intervals to 0.2 miles per hour. Another way to make your workouts on a treadmill more effective, is to use inclines. If your treadmill is able to incline by itself, then start to use that so you have a better workout. However, if your treadmill does not incline itself, then you can take a few books and stick them under the front legs so that you are walking uphill and get the same work out that you would if you were actually going up a hill.

Some people react better to working out if they are able to see the progress that they make. If that is you, then pay attention to this next exercise. Go for a warm up walk in order to heat your muscles up so that you do not sprain them and hurt yourself. When you feel that you have gotten to a good point, walk as fast as you possibly can for ten minutes. Once you have done that, turn around and walk back to where you started those ten minutes. Do it one more time and try to get a little farther. Walk back to where you started at the beginning at a brisk pace. The next time that you do this exercise, try to do it at the same place so that you can see how much farther you get everyday.

Need to work out your arms too? Either get some weights or invest in a pair of walking poles. When you use walking sticks, then you are able to increase the amount of calories that you burn by almost 50%. Your arms become stronger when you use them and also your core becomes tighter and firmer because of the way your body moves when it uses walking poles. There are many different varieties of poles that you can pick from so that you can choose ones that are matched with your work out route.

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