Top 10 Workout Must-Haves

gymExercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body healthy and active, will help you have a long and fulfilling life. Here are the top 10 must haves to make that workout just a little easier.

1. Shoes
Good, sturdy shoes are a must to protect your legs, back, feet, and knees from injury. Many sports stores will even do an evaluation of your feet and running style, to help you pick the perfect shoe for your body.

2. Clothing
A comfortable pair of pants or shorts and a shirt that wicks away sweat, are a must have when it comes to a good workout. Choose clothes that don’t rub against your skin, and easily move with your body.

3. Socks
A good pair of moisture wicking socks, that fit properly, will help prevent you from getting blisters and other common problems with your feet.

4. Headphones
Nothing like music to keep you going and motivated on your workout. A good pair of headphones, that won’t slip out of your ears, are a must have for any workout routine.

5. Workout DVD
Pick your favorite fitness guru and have their video ready to go for those days where you can’t get to the gym, or go outside due to weather, or simply just want to stay at home.

5. Yoga Mat
Having your own yoga mat is a nice whether working out at home or a gym. Then you never have to wonder who used the mat before you.

6. Hand weights
Light weight hand weights are great for resistance work and strength training. Having a pair of 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb weights will help add some resistance to your workouts, helping you get the most out of every workout.

7. Knee sleeves
Knees are one of the most common problem areas that people experience, when it comes to their body and joints, when exercising. Good knee sleeves will help protect and save your knees from any further injury.

8. Fuel
Yes, it is important to fuel your body for a good and beneficial workout. Some protein, whether from a shake, bar, or natural, real foods, is important to keep you body strong during intense workout sessions.

9. Water
Keeping hydrated during a workout is the absolute most important thing to remember. Keep a full water bottle with you, or near you, the entire time you workout, to remind yourself to hydrate often.

10. Watch or heart rate monitor
Tracking your heart rate can help optimize your workout, and burn the most calories. Having a watch will help keep you on track and know when it is time to move on to the next step in your workout.

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