The Benefits Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Like many of us, you have probably heard of and even tried many of the fad diets and various weight loss supplements that have caught the attention of the media and public. The story is usually the same, these diets and supplements tend to come and go in the form of the low carb diet, the gluten free diet, hoodia, and bitter orange. Each of these diets or supplements are always promoted and publicized as easy ways in which to lose weight by mobilizing body fat, appetite suppression or boosting the metabolism yet they never seem to have much staying power once too many people become frustrated with the restrictions or lack results once they step onto that scale.

Enter the green coffee bean extract, the current supplement that has recently been receiving some interestingly reliable media attention for its weight loss benefits. Starbucks began by promoting the beans as effective and natural energy sources without the taste of coffee. Recently, the Dr. Oz Show featured the extract on a program that revealed the results of Dr. Oz’s own experiment. He recruited a total of 100 women to receive either 400 mg of the green coffee extract or an ineffective placebo. The women were then instructed to go on about their lifestyles as usual without making any changes in their diets.

The results were astounding. The women who had been given the green coffee extract lost an average of two pounds each week. The women who had been given the placebo lost an average of one pound per week.

So what is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Coffee beans come from the inside seeds of a bright, red colored berry. What turns a coffee bean the deep shade of brown that we are familiar with is the roasting process. This process is also responsible for the varying flavor and the notable aroma that drives coffee lovers to clamor for a cup.

In order to get the extract of the green coffee bean, the seeds are soaked instead of roasted then then concentrated. This process creates the extract that is responsible for the impressive weight loss that was proven in the Dr. Oz experiment.

When coffee beans are roasted traditionally, the antioxidant levels in them increase while chlorogenic acid, a substance found naturally in the bean, decreases. This is the chemical that is believed to be responsible for blocking the accumulation of fat, curbing the absorption of carbohydrates, boosting weight loss, and regulating the blood sugar levels following a meal. It has even believed to have the ability to prevent new fat cells from generating altogether. Additionally, the extract tastes nothing like coffee and has no related scent as well.

Ongoing research continues to suggest that green coffee bean extract may be just the effective, costly weight loss solution that will stand the test of time, outlasting any other fad supplement or diet. Another recent study at shown at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting this past Spring, followed a total of 16 young adults who were considered overweight. These individuals were divided into 3 groups. One group took a lower dose of the coffee extract, one group took a high dose of the same extract, and the final group was given a placebo. The conclusion was impressive: The individuals who took the higher doses of the extract lost an incredible average of a shocking 17.5 pounds over the course of 22 weeks. This resulted in the reduction of their total body weight by over 10 percent.

Green coffee beans have consistently shown to have a very real and positive effect on the absorption of fat by stimulating the fat metabolism of the liver. Although the chlorogenic acid responsible for this can also be found in a number of other plants, none of these plants contain levels that compare to the extremely highly concentrated levels that are found in the green coffee bean.

To this date, millions of weight loss hopefuls have decided to embark upon the use of green coffee extract with consistently positive results. All it takes is one search on the internet to visit the chat rooms and message boards with stories of successful and safe weight loss with the aid of this product. Today, millions of people are living a happy and leaner life as a result of the use of this supplement.

The popularity it has experienced as a result of Dr. Oz’s televised experiment has made it hard for some natural supplement suppliers to keep the product in stock. To date, there are no reported related serious side effects associated with the extract that are any different than the side effects one might incur from drinking a cup of coffee. Additionally, a great deal of nutritionists and other health experts have been vouching for the safety and effectiveness of what is being considered the latest diet miracle.

Of course before purchasing any natural supplement you should always ensure that the product you are purchasing is from a reputable source regarding the quality of the coffee beans themselves. Since coffee beans are not native in the United States, most beans must pass a number of strict quality testing and guidelines to even make it into the states. Researching the product and manufacturer that you are purchasing from will help you to ensure the quality of your extract, starting you off safely to a journey of weight loss and a brand new, healthy you!

However for some people, the green coffee bean extract can be supplemented with the one of the latest and greatest diet additions, called capsicum. It comes from hot peppers and has been distilled down into an easily digestible pill that will boost your metabolism!

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