Sport Specific Training For College Athletics

Any child interested in competing for Utah football or any other sport when they get into college, should look into some of the sports specific training opportunities that are available.  Whether it is a sports camp, advice from a sports trainer or an internet program, children can get the jump on developing their skills for any college sport and learn good habits that will reduce the risk of injury while improving play.

Sports camps are a great way to not only learn and improve the skills needed to play a sport, but to also be able to get the child’s name out there.  By participating in a sports camp where the coaches and players of the college team are running things, the child gets to earn a little name recognition.  College sports are not strictly about talent, it is also about work ethic.  A child who comes into a sports camp and outworks all of the other children will surely get noticed even if he or she doesn’t play as well as the others.  The added benefit is that a child who works hard can improve drastically during a summer camp.

Baskeball campA sports trainer can provide one on one counseling for a child looking to improve his or her game.  It is important for the parent to check out the trainer’s credentials and to help the child outline those things that should be worked on with the trainer.  This type of training can be extremely beneficial when everyone is on the same page.  Not only can a trainer help correct imperfections in form, they can offer advice based on what the child is doing.

There are some sport specific workouts available online.  This may be the weakest option of the three, but it is cheap.  The problem with internet advice is that it is given in a one size fits all type of schematic when that is clearly not the case.  Plus the internet may suggest certain exercises like squats that have a penchant for being done incorrectly and can cause major damage to the body, in this case the knee.

When starting a new training program for Utah football prospects or any other sport, it is important to be sure to get a doctor’s approval.  Sports are a great way to stay healthy, but when done incorrectly, they can also be a quick way to debilitating injuries that can have lifelong effects.  Players do better when they have proper instruction and are able to practice moves specifically designed to increase their endurance for the sport of their choice.  Motivation is sometimes hard to come by, but when the results happen, motivation can become much simpler.  The right program can start that lifelong motivation to excel in any sport.

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