Post-Run Relaxation: Tips for Your Marathon Vacation

You’ve trained for months, you’ve completed all your weekly long runs, and you’re packing for your destination marathon vacation: what will you do when you are ready for some unwinding? Here are a few tips to get you started taking a break from running on your activity-filled vacation.

First, you’ll want to do some relaxing even before your event. Go for a short, easy run the day before the marathon, and fit in some other low-key activities that will help you adjust to changes in time zone or altitude. Of course, you’re most looking forward to the post-run relaxation, so make sure you have several days after your event to recover and enjoy your vacation.

Don’t underestimate the stress on your body from running: your first steps toward relaxing should be into the massage tent as soon as your run is over, after which you’ll want a warm shower to help soothe your muscles. Massage is a great way to continue unwinding, so indulge yourself and schedule one every day of your running vacation.

The next activity you should consider is golfing: is golf stress relieving, you ask? Of course – there is no better way to enjoy taking a break from running than by hitting the driving range or walking the green with a friend or two. Golfing will keep you moving and help prevent stiffness while using different muscles than those you’ve tired out with running. You’ll also enjoy unwinding with a drink at the cabana after a few rounds.

Don’t neglect your long runs altogether. Once you have a few days of post-marathon massages and golf stress relieving under your belt, go for some easy long runs or walks – emphasis on easy, so take it slow and enjoy the scenery. This will help you stay in running shape without putting too much additional stress on your body.

Shipping luggage for a vacation in advance can make your whole trip more relaxing. Consider a reputable golf bag shipping service to ensure your clubs arrive at your destination in mint condition – you’ll enjoy golfing more if you’re playing with your own clubs. In fact, you might look into shipping you golf bag and all your other luggage so you can really travel light. Plan ahead so your luggage will be awaiting you at your hotel and you won’t need to haul it through the airport or wrestle it into a cab.

Finally, enjoy unwinding! You’ve earned it.

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Jacelyn is a mother to 3 grown boys, all of whom are avid golfers. Jacelyn and her husband enjoy going out of town every now and then for a small weekend getaway. She loves freelance writing for travel, parenting and food blogs.

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