Fun Ways to Get in Shape

west-rim-trail-view-highTo start off, I’m going to be honest- I’m not a fan of exercising. I know it’s something I need to do, but knowing that doesn’t make doing it any easier. I’ve never been one who feels comfortable (let alone excited) to work out in a gym full of strangers, nor do I enjoy the pastime of running, whether indoors or out. Again, to be honest, I think my lack of motivation is a combination of getting bored easily and not wanting to pay a lot of money for a gym membership. So, for all of you who feel the way I do, I have a few exercise suggestions that might make getting in shape more bearable:

  1.  Go Hiking. This suggestion really only works if you live near or around places to hike, and as I live in Utah, I’m fairly close to a lot of hiking spots. Not only is hiking a great way to see beautiful places, it gives you quite a work out. This suggestion is especially fun (and safer, I might add) if you go with a friend, spouse, sibling, etc. It’s not something that needs to be done every day, but it’s a great option if you’re looking to add to your regular exercise habits, or if you just want to keep yourself moderately in shape.
  2. At home workouts. There are plenty of workout videos online, and there are other workout videos and DVDs you can purchase for relatively cheap compared to a year’s gym membership. Working out in the privacy of your own home is convenient and easy to do if you’re tight on time, and it’s also a great alternative if you’re not comfortable working out in front of other people.
  3. Go on walks. Don’t laugh, I know you want to. Walking seems like the least effective mode of exercise, but you’d be surprised at the benefits that come from this simple activity. To give you an idea, here’s a short list of benefits mentioned by the American Heart Association on their website.
  4. Develop an athletic hobby. Exercising is much more fun when you’re playing sports. Find a sport you enjoy (notice I said one that you enjoy -it’s okay if you’re not very good at it) and join a community team or get together a group of friends to play once a week. Not only will this help your physical health, it’ll help your social health as well.

These suggestions have worked for me, and I hope they’ll work for you too. The most important thing is that you’re staying active, in whatever way works for you. So don’t worry about strict workout routines. Get out there, have some fun, and get in shape along the way.

Fighting the Monster of Alcoholism

Fighting the Monster of AlcoholismAlcohol addiction boxes you into a corner. What starts as a social habit soon turns into a monster that you cannot control. After much reflection, you may take the great leap of faith and quit. Sadly, this may only last a few days. This is because your body has gotten used to a high dose of alcohol, you have reached a stage where you are totally dependent on alcohol. Without it you cannot concentrate on your work, you feel shy of just cannot face reality. This feeling forces you to go for some more. The truth is denying your body a substance that has gotten used to makes one feel terrible.

Overcoming the fear of recovery

The fear of what life will be like after you come out of an alcohol treatment program is not real. In essence, your mind is playing with you. Psychiatrists reckon that, your mind has already registered that living a clean life has its benefits. It therefore goes ahead to paint a bleak picture of how you will remain miserable if you quit. What happens is that after you start living a life free from alcohol, you start feeling much better. Doctors and psychiatrists will help in tackling withdrawal effects. In a matter of weeks, your body will have recovered. It takes longer for the mind though and that is why counseling comes into play.

Give the body a chance to recover

There is no other way out for an alcoholic; you must give your body a chance to recover. Look at it this way. If you go for detoxification for, say, five days and then go scot free without any other lesson, that treatment won’t help. That is why rehab programs are designed to provide treatment and counseling at the same time. There is also constant follow up in order to ensure that you do not experience a relapse. Now that the rehab team has done its part, the rest is up to you. The desire to quit drinking and be integrated into normal life is what should drive you to pursue recovery.

Surrendering from an alcoholic life

Former alcoholics who are now fully recovered will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work in order to be free from addiction. There is no way you will stop drinking and then continue frequenting pubs or hanging out with your old drinking mates. You must change your way of life. Get rid of all loopholes that threaten to get you back into your old habits. The changeover from an alcoholic to a non-alcoholic requires total surrender. You accept that you are an alcoholic who needs help and is ready to embrace a new life. Seek help from the people you trust. Above everything else, go for rehab.

Monster of Alcoholism

Tips for Losing Weight

Tips for Losing WeightLoosing weight is one of the best things that you can do for your body. There are many benefits of having a leaner physique, which impact your quality of life for the better. A steady workout routine is ideal, and at they specialize in helping you to meet your needs safely and effectively. Any new change we take on is of course easier said than done, but with a few tips, you can keep the weight off and start feeling better today.

Eat Fat Burning Foods

One of the best ways to kick off your weight loss routine is to add more fat burning foods to your diet. Calorie burning foods increase metabolism, which is essential in any weight loss program. They also help you to not feel overly hungry all the time, which means no overeating. So add more yogurt, apples, honey, nuts and fruits and veggies that are high in vitamin C to you diet.

Drink Plenty of Water

Focus on having more water in place of juice, coffee and soft drinks. Sugary beverages can really add to your waistline. By drinking water throughout the day, you feel fuller and have less of a need to binge on unhealthy snacks.

Three Meals a Day

Three meals spread out with a snack in between lunch and dinner will increases your energy use, which is fat burning. If you eat too many meals throughout the day it’s hard to keep track of calories, and it makes your body absorb more sugar. More sugar stored means less weight loss. Eating every four hours stabilizes your blood sugar, regulates insulin production and decreases hunger.

Start Walking

Walking 45 minutes a day prevents weight gain and burns calories. A brisk 45 minute walk can breakdown an additional 300 calories. This is a good goal to aspire to, especially, if you haven’t had a regular workout routine in a while. Start incrementally, and work your way up.

Use Social Networking

Deciding to loose weight can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. Find an online weight loss friend. There are many weight maintenance programs on the internet that can get you started.

Dropping 10 percent of your current weight can be an enormous benefit and affect you positively. You will look better and feel much more energetic. The main thing to remember, is to begin with small changes and don’t assume it all has to happen over night. Little adjustments can make the difference and keep you motivated toward reaching your goals.

Staying Fit 101

staying_fitIf you made new year’s resolutions this year, there’s a good chance getting in shape is at the top of your list. Accomplishing your fitness goals, and doing it right, takes some effort but is far from impossible! No matter your starting point, 2014 will be the year you whip yourself into shape and stay that way!

It sounds simple, but commitment is the first, and sometimes most difficult, step to achieving your fitness goals. If following through on your intentions means penning it in your day planner, creating a Google invite for yourself, or even making it your facebook status, do it! Designate the same special time each day to get your sweat on and respect it like any other appointment.

For some, joining a gym like Fit Athletic Club might be the key to commitment. Paying for a gym membership plus the added bonus of group classes, state of the art machines, and personal trainers make working out all the more appealing!

It’s better to get in a short workout than none at all, so don’t let a busy schedule stand in your way. Waking up a little early, taking time out of your lunch break, or pushing back dinner plans can give you more the 20 or even 15 minutes you need. Many gyms including Fit Athletic Club are open 5 AM to 10 PM, so there’s no excuse!

Be honest and respectful of your fitness level. Consult your doctor before starting a new regime. Listen to your body: if it’s too intense, stop or slow to an active rest like jogging in place. Don’t be afraid of modifications. Doing pushups on your knees or heel jacks instead of jumping jacks will gradually build strength and endurance without missing out on the exercise. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are at a higher fitness level, really push yourself and give it your all to avoid plateauing.

On that note, for the sake of improving your fitness level and saving yourself from boredom, diversify! Doing the same old thing not only makes you less excited about exercise but cheats your body of the full benefits. Switching up your routine burns more calories and makes your body work harder. Mix it up with spinning one day, kettle balls another, yoga the next, then a step class, or a run outside!

Lastly, don’t forget the basics! Drink water before and during your workout to both keep you hydrated and lubricate muscles and joints. Do a dynamic stretch before your workout and a static stretch afterwards, holding each pose for 15-60 seconds without bouncing to avoid muscles tears. Find a shoe that fits your style, activity, and gait. Now let the fitness begin!

Taking Care of Your Hair in Humid Weather

frizzy_hairHumidity can really create problems for your hair. In humid weather, the water vapor in the air is at a very high level. This water vapor clings to hair causing it to expand. Because of this, hair can appear frizzy, unkempt and puffy.

In addition to this, humid weather can actually dry out hair. Hair that is dry will sadly become more frizzy and unmanageable. The good news is that you can take care of your hair even if the weather is humid. By taking good care of your hair, you can make sure that your lovely locks look smooth and sleek on even the most humid of days.

One of the best ways to keep your hair in good condition is to avoid drying your hair with a hair dryer during humid weather. The heat can further damage the shaft of the hair and can cause additional frizziness. Likewise, be careful when using curling irons or straightening irons during humid weather. Both of these products use heat and can further damage stressed hair.

There are also different types of shampoo products designed to help keep hair in good condition. These shampoos will also help to reduce frizzy hair and keep hair smooth. After shampooing hair, it is important to use a good conditioner. Some conditioners can be applied and rinsed out after washing hair. Other conditioning treatments are designed to remain in the hair. There are a number of different types of such conditioning treatments available. The type you choose will depend upon your hair type, and even the amount of money that you have to spend on treatments.

Humidity resistant hair conditioning foam is one of the most popular hair care products to help reduce frizz and condition hair. This foam can be easily worked through the hair and will definitely minimize frizziness. In addition, there are different types of foam products available depending upon the type of hair that you have as well as the type of hairstyle that you have. If you want a smooth, sleek look to your hair, you’ll want to use a foam designed especially for that. On the other hand, if you want soft curls, you’ll need to use a foam product designed for that. The cost of these products can vary from product to product as well as from store to store. In general, it is cheaper to purchase such products at a drug store or hair care store.

In order to keep your locks in place, follow up your treatment regimen with a hair spray designed for frizzy hair. By doing this, you can ensure that your hair will look gorgeous no matter what the weather is like!

Getting Rid of a Tattoo

tattoo_removalSelf expression is one of the top reasons why people will and do pay big money to have ink tattooed deep into their skin. They search out and find the perfect picture that they want detailed forever on their body. Ten years later, usually because of a life change such as marriage, religion, employment, or for the ability to become a legal citizen of the United States, these same individuals would like to have the tattoo removed. This removal is where things can get tricky. Scarring from a tattoo removal is a well known consequence that many people fear when they look into removing the tattoo. Infection or skin discoloration are other well known problems that many face when having a tattoo taken off of their body. The Tat2be Gone Medical Group has found a way to minimize, and in some cases completely halt this scarring consequence. They actually use a medlite c6 q-switch laser in almost all of the procedures that they perform which helps to reduce any scarring from a tattoo removal or tattoo lightening. The laser is also much safer than other types of tattoo removal services and infection or skin discoloration are not a problem with this choice of removal procedure. This laser tool not only can help erase a tattoo but it is less painful than other types of tattoo removal procedures.

The removal of a tattoo with the medlite c6 q-switch laser at Tat2 Be Gone will take a few sessions. The one key to remember while wanting the removal of ink under the skin is that patience is definitely a virtue. It takes time with the laser to remove the ink without scarring the skin surrounding the tattoo. The amount of sessions needed for removal or lightening of a tattoo will depend on the size and coloring of the picture that has been tattooed into the skin. Dermatologists will often tell their patients that having a laser removal of the tattoo is often a better choice than having it surgically removed. The Tat2 Be Gone Medical Group does sell session packages which they do to save their clients money in the long run.

The Tat2be Gone Medical Group can help those who are interested in having many other types of cosmetic procedures. They offer a service for individuals interested in skin rejuvenation by using the same type of laser that they use in their tattoo removal, and they use it for permanent makeup removal as well. The Tat2 Be Gone Medical Group will also help individuals who have problems with active acne or acne scars, and they also do hair removal via the laser.

5 Great Workout Tips

The New Year is in full swing now. Are you used to writing 2014 yet? How many resolutions have you broken already? Are you disappointed?

Well, it’s okay! Because today is a new day and you are here and you might as well get started!

When it comes to working out, weight loss, and health many people can get discouraged. It is hard to change the way you are living your life on a day to day basis. Taking that in to consideration when you are setting fitness goals is key. You will probably, in fact, you are more than likely to make mistakes when you are changing your life. We are humans and we are going to slip up. The trick is to get right back up and try again. Eventually, your fitness goals will become second nature to you.

Goals take time! Failing is okay, in fact, it’s how we learn! Failing and quitting are NOT okay. So, if you have already let go of your New Year’s goal, don’t worry. Just don’t quit!

So for today, let’s start with five workout tips that will allow you to achieve focus and results.

  • First things first: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Your body needs fluid and electrolytes to run properly. Before you begin your workout, have a glass of water. Then, frequently during your workout rehydrate. This will help to wash the lactic acid out of your system and prevent too much cramping. (Some is okay, don’t you live to feel the burn?) Water also boosts your mood, helps your immune system, and makes you smell better. (Don’t laugh, go without enough water for a few days and see how your co-workers respond.)
  • Second: The warm up. Warming up your muscles helps to prevent injury. Cold muscles are not your friend, so don’t go into a heavy workout cold. The best warm up involves stretching all the major muscle groups. A good way to achieve this is a short yoga session. It strengthens your muscles as well as stretching them. For a morning workout, some Sun Salutations are the perfect warm up, stretching every muscle group and allowing you to focus for a few minutes before you get into a heavy cardio workout.
  • Then: Begin your workout. Whether this is running, a spinning class, hiking, or simply vigorously cleaning a room in your house, it doesn’t matter. Keep your heart rate up for 30 minutes. Don’t stop moving, set a goal to just keep going and do it. (The trick here is to set an alarm and not look at the clock.) The time will be up before you know it and you will have reached your goal.
  • Next: Cool down. This one is simple. Just cool down the same way you warmed up. (If you’re doing house work, this is the part where you stand there and fold clothes.)
  • Last: Hydrate. Yep. It’s that important.

Keep up your goal in focus. Let help you reach your goal.

Do the best you can and before you know it, you’ll be the best YOU that you can be.

Preventing Breast Cancer

Everyone worries about getting breast cancer. Many people wonder if it can be prevented. I am here to tell you that there is no proven prevention method of breast cancer. There is however, risk factors that can make your chances lower of developing breast cancer. Basically, you want to look for breast cancer early.

There have been many things linked to breast cancer. Some things linked to breast cancer are weight, physical activity, and diet. A study has shown that there is even a bigger risk for a woman, who is overweight and going through menopause to develop breast cancer. There is even a risk for someone who drinks alcohol to develop breast cancer. The study also showed that the diet that is rich in vegetables, fruit, poultry, fish, and low-fat dairy products lowers a person’s risk of cancer.

The next best thing to do is to find breast cancer early. This can be done by having a breast exam every three years at your annual checkup. A person needs to report any breast changes to their doctor. A monthly self-exam is also recommended. If a person is over 40, a mammogram and a yearly breast exam should be part of your checkup.
Breast Cancer Treatment in Florida offers many avenues of diagnosing breast cancer. One way is through the mammogram. Mammograms can detect changes in the breast before they can be felt. This I really an amazing tool to find precancerous cells.

Another tool that can be used is a MRI, which can show different views of the lymph nodes. It shows if the cancer has spread or not. The MRI is known to show more details of the growth, like size and location. Another test that is often used is a PEM. PEM stands for Positron Emission Mammography. It finds small areas of cancer that can’t be seen in other tests.

If an abnormality shows up, the doctor will probably request a biopsy. This is when a small sample is taken from the lump to determine if the cells are cancerous. This is usually pain free. A small needle is inserted in the breast and small samples are taken out.

Anyone can get cancer. The best protection against cancer is trying to stay healthy. I would suggest; work out regularly, eat healthy foods and maintain a healthy weight. I also suggest making breast exams a monthly habit. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions.

Taking Care of Your Eyes

Your eyes play a very crucial role of opening up the view around you. Without proper sight or none at all, you would not be able to visualize how the world looks like. You use eyes to read, see the way ahead when walking or driving and appreciate your surroundings. In order to preserve this important organ, you should exercise good eye care practices as highlighted below:

Go for regular checkup

If you cannot remember the last time you went for an eye exam, then you are due for one. Experts recommend that children below the age of five be examined for eye problems. This should then take place when the need arises until the age of 19 years. From here, you should have at least one exam while in your 20s and probably two during your 30s. The message here is that you need to make an appointment with an eye specialist so that in case there are defects, he can detect and treat them early.

Eat well

When you were young, your mum encouraged you to eat carrots. Well, that is just a part of the nutritious foods that you need in order to have healthy eyes. Take the advice from your mum and stick to a healthy diet consisting of vegetables. Avoid having lots of processed foods. Your diet should consist of a rich array of vegetables, fruits and fish. Tuna and salmon are some of the fish types whose meat contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Put on eye protection

Whenever you are taking part in sports or doing some chores around the house, be sure to have protective eyewear. This includes goggles, safety glasses and shields. Select the recommended protective eyewear depending on the activity you are doing. Even if you are taking a stroll down the beach or walking in town on a sunny day, a pair of sunglasses will protect you from extreme sunlight.

Rest your eyes regularly

Avoid straining your eyes too much especially when you are using the computer or watching television. At times, you may concentrate too hard until you forget that you need to blink. This can fatigue your eyes. A simple way to avoid eye fatigue is to exercise a simple rule also known as 20-20-20 rule. It states that you look away from the screen after every 20 minutes. Look at something located approximately 20 feet and do this for 20 seconds. Shifting your focus this way helps reduce any strain on the eyes.

Use Essential Oils

Many people have found success with essential oils to help protect and strengthen their eyes. Clary Sage has been shown to clear eye problems, improve vision and protect eyes from age related degeneration.

Do not smoke

Cigarette smoke harms your eyes just like it does other parts of the body. The secret lies in quitting the habit and never starting to smoke if you have never done it before.

You also need to exercise the body regularly and maintain good shape. At your place of work, practice eye safety.

Energy Supplements For Instant Energy

Most of us take a supplement or two every day and many are beneficial and effective. It is important to note that dietary supplements are often taken to add to a person’s daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

There are many benefits in taking supplements such as getting additional nutrients when a person’s diet is inadequate or when a person is ill and has developed a deficiency. Keep in mind that in most cases, multiple-vitamin supplements have all of the basic vitamins and minerals your body needs and in most cases, they are safe.

In addition, there are also dietary supplements and they are used to treat a deficiency or are taken to treat certain health conditions or taken prevent specific diseases. For example, folic acid is sometimes used to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and niacin is sometimes used to raise good cholesterol.
However, even though supplements can be helpful, they can have negative side effects.

Keep in mind, most dietary supplements are safe if you follow the instructions on the label but if you take larger doses, they can affect your body in a negative way. For example, taking large doses of vitamin C can cause diarrhea and iron supplements can be toxic if taken in large amounts. Some suggest talking with your doctor before taking any supplement; this step may prevent negative side effects. Some may not know it but by supplementing your diet with B vitamins, you can prevent certain health conditions such as joint pain, anemia, nerve damage and skin disorders.

Another benefit of supplements is helping with tissue maintenance and repair. Every day activities often put stress on a person’s tissues and if the body doesn’t have protein to repair tissues in our bodies, diseases can occur such as osteoporosis. By taking the right amounts of vitamin D and calcium, you can insure that your body stays healthy.

Keep in mind that another important benefit of taking supplements is that they may also help prevent cancer. Such vitamins as A, E and C work as antioxidants in the body and are effective in neutralizing free radicals; free radicals that cause damage in our cells. Before choosing a supplement, it is important to first think about your lifestyle and what you need in a supplement. When it comes to supplements there are some guidelines that will help such as the RDA, (Recommended Dietary Allowance) and the AI, (Adequate Intake).

It is important to note that the only measurement of vitamins you will see on the supplement labels is the Daily Value (DV).

When choosing the right vitamin for you, think about your lifestyle. If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, then a folic acid supplement can be quite beneficial. Another supplement that is good is beta-carotene. Some experts agree that beta-carotene can protect against heart disease and cancer. Most importantly, beta-carotene has been found to fight skin concerns such as psoriasis and improve vision.

Vitamin B-12 is another helpful supplement. It can prevent damage to one’s nerves, keep our nerves functioning well and can prevent weak muscles. This vitamin can also prevent depression and fatigue.

To conclude, with the many benefits that come from supplements, it is clear that they can be beneficial to your health. However, before taking any supplement, talk with your doctor first. For more information on this topic, check out XALO.