Self Defense Tips

Just by being human, I’m sure we all worry about being safe. That being said, I know as a woman I want to definitely make sure that I am able to protect myself. What are some good self defense tips? According to the popular Dr. Phil, when something comes as a surprise to us, our initial reaction is to freeze up. Dr. Phil states that this is what the “bad guys” or the attacker relies on. The best way to prevent freezing up in a dangerous circumstance is to have a plan. For instance, one scenario where you might be attacked is in a parking garage when you have your hands full of shopping bags. Some things to keep in mind are to walk with a purpose towards your car and to make sure you have your keys out and ready. If someone starts attacking you, scream, and try to throw objects at the attacker so you have an opportunity to try and get away. Whatever you do, don’t under any circumstance get into a vehicle with the attacker. Your chances of survival diminish drastically when you do. Another common scenario where you might get attacked is while you are walking away from an ATM machine. Always make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Notice and make eye contact with anybody nearby, as this will make someone less likely to approach you if they know you are watching them and preparing for it. Act confident and always make sure to put your money away right away wether that be into your purse/bag or pocket. Don’t walk away from the machine still holding the money in your hands. Never look intimidated or distracted. These are some great examples of how to act in a bad scenario. But what about if you are looking for some good general self defense tips you could use if you ever found yourself in a compromising situation. First, keep in mind that your elbow is the strongest point on your body. Other good first moves include kicking, biting, and trying to poke your attacker’s eyes with your fingers. Another easy tip is that if someone is asking for your purse or wallet, throw it as hard as you can in one direction and start running in the other direction. Often robbers just want your money not you, so you can get away. Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in this type of situation, but if you are ever forced into a trunk, use all your strength to kick out the back tail lights. Then reach through the hole with your arm and start waving it around like mad. You’d be surprised how many people are saved that way because other cars will notice and the driver of your car probably won’t. If you want a gun for your protection, consider taking a carbine course. This is a great way to learn the safety features of guns so they can be a protection to you and not a detriment. Whatever your preference, make sure you are learned in at least a few different self defense tactics for the unfortunate even that something happens and you need the skills.

Anxiety Disorders 101

There are several different forms or types of anxiety disorders. First, there is generalized anxiety. This means that an individual has excessive and unrealistic worry for no reason. There is nothing that is causing the worry. Second, there is panic disorder. In this type an individual will suffer from sudden bursts of terror that are repeated and come out of nowhere. A third a very common form of anxiety is obsessive compulsive disorder. This is profound in the United States and the fear causes individuals to perform rituals over and over again such as washing their hands.




How to Fix Your Smile

Your smile can be one of your greatest assets or it can be a detriment. Often, it is the first impression you give to others. We all know how important this first impression is, as someone judges whether or not they want to approach you to become friends in just a few seconds upon seeing you. It has been noted that a person’s smile is the number one feature that can make them attractive to other people. People who have great smiles radiate warmth and friendliness, and make them more approachable. You may be sitting there wondering if you have the best smile, or what there is out there for you to fix anything you are uncomfortable with about your smile so that you can shine! Follow these tips for fixing your smile and making it great and something to smile about, forgive the pun.

How to Fix Your SmileThe first way to have a great smile is to increase your awareness of your smile. People with really warm smiles seem to use their whole face, eyes included in that warm smile that makes them seem so beautiful to you. You may find standing in front of the mirror and covering your mouth, helpful to practice smiling with your eyes. Pay particular attention to what muscles you are using.

The second way to have a great smile is to focus on your teeth. Strong teeth are a good indication of good health. If you have less than desirable teeth consider doing teeth whitening, or getting braces if they need more correcting. It is very much worth the money you will spend investing in your teeth. You don’t really want to live life with your mouth always closed out of embarrassment now do you? Smile Designs can be a useful resource in this area.

The third way to have a great smile is to do exercises. You may find yourself laughing at this, but to become good at anything we know requires practice. Even smiling takes practice since you are using muscles. If your face isn’t used to smiling, when you try to smile it will look unnatural. Practice smiling and stretching out your face muscles so when you smile it looks natural and beautiful. Doing exercises also helps to keep your lips, especially your upper lip, plump.

Naturally lips tend to thin as we age, so by doing regular exercises we can help to keep them healthy and plump aiding in our beautiful smile. Along these lines, it is important to keep your skin hydrated. Help your skin stay hydrated and healthy by staying out of the sun and by using lotions. Not only should the area around your mouth by hydrated, but in order to have a great smile your lips should always be hydrated as well. Regularly apply chapstick to your lips so they don’t dry out and crack. Your teeth, lips and gums are all part of your smile so you want everything looking its very best. If you follow these manageable tips, you will better your smile and leave a lasting impression.


When Rehab is the Right Choice

As someone who has previously worked in a rehab center, and have known people who struggle greatly with addictions, it is very important that people understand when sending a friend or loved one to rehab is the right choice. Addictions come about slowly, that is their nature. An individual might start drinking socially a drink or two here and there when at a party. They may like the way they feel so instead of one or two drinks, it becomes a handful. Instead of just while out with friends or at social gatherings, it may creep up into their every day routine. And before you know it the person is drinking non-stop and has an addiction. This is just one small example. Addictions come in many forms and sizes including but not limited to drugs, alcohol, porn, videogames, or any other thing whether it seems harmless at first or not. Addictions can be a cruel master often changing a person into someone they themselves don’t even recognize.

Keep in mind that sending someone to rehab can be a very difficult and emotional decision, but sometimes there really is no other choice and you are doing the best thing you can for the person. Holding on to this knowledge that you are doing the best thing you can for the person is sometimes all that keeps you going and holding strong. They need someone strong who can see what is happening to them and someone to help them kick their butt back into gear.

When Rehab is the Right ChoiceAlthough I’m sure we are all well aware that rehab centers are prevalent especially here in the United States, sometimes we may not understand the process of admitting someone comes along. When it gets to the point that someone you know and love is unmistakably addicted to something whether it be drugs, alcohol, or anything else, pleading no longer has any affect no matter who is doing the pleading, and promises made by the individual to quit their behavior are a joke, then it may be time to consider rehab as the option. Reaching the point of sending someone whether they be a friend, spouse, child, or loved one into rehab is never easy.

Despite the decision being hard, it tends to stand out as the only rational one that is left to be made. The individual needs help that they and you cannot adequately provide. Something to keep in mind is that often families or loved ones wait too long to get someone into rehab. You shouldn’t look at rehab as a last resort, but rather something that can honestly help someone reach their full potential. The sooner you can get someone into rehab and accept help the better their quality of life can be as well as the quality of life for those around them since we know that people with addictions affect everything and everyone in their lives. New River Wellness Center is a Womens Drug Rehab that is state of the art and committed to helping women change their lives. They are a great resource to contact and can provide anyone with a wealth of knowledge regarding rehab centers.

A Look Ahead: What’s Coming for Electronic Cigarette Users in 2014

With the electronic cigarette industry undergoing a significant number of changes, there are many ways in which electronic cigarettes are slated to evolve over the next few years. Of all the potential changes that may occur, here are a few of the significant ones that are right around the corner.

An Evolving E-Cigarette Technology

While the shape and form of the traditional cigarette has more or less stayed the same since its inception, the electronic cigarette will be subject to considerable change over the next few years simply because it’s an electronic device with different functionality.
“Technology and design is always changing, improving and enhancing the consumer experience…it would be naive to believe that e-cigarette technology and design would not proceed along the same path,” says Bill Bartkowski, a pioneer in the American electronic cigarette market.
With all of the current focus on the development and improvement of e-cigarettes, it’s only reasonable to expect that the capability and look of e-cigarettes that is familiar today will be a thing of the past within a year or two.

A More Consistent Nicotine Output

One of the issues currently associated with electronic cigarettes is the amount of nicotine that is provided per inhalation. As it generally differs from inhalation to inhalation, one of the largest innovations in e-cigarettes that is on the horizon is a version of electronic cigarette that is capable of providing regulators. Due to the fact that one of the main concerns with electronic cigarettes is the inability to accurately determine the health risks, this new feature means that it will be easier to supply consistent data for researchers, and this will eliminate some of the mystery around electronic cigarettes and the industry. As a great deal of research was previously focused on technical issues and flavorings, these new electronic cigarettes will feature technology that will allow the cigarette to communicate how much nicotine is being delivered per inhalation, so each inhalation can be consistent.

Big Tobacco Taking On E-Cigarettes

With the electronic cigarette industry growing significantly in popularity and prominence, its development will have a significant impact on the traditional tobacco industry. Lorillard, an American tobacco company, recently purchased blu eCigs to get in on the new developments in the electronic cigarette industry. Many other big tobacco companies are developing their own types of electronic cigarettes so they can compete in this up-and-coming market. With the industry developing better methods of providing consistent data, it is likely that these new developments will lead to the appearance of big electronic cigarette brands available in more prominent locations like Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s and many neighborhood convenience and grocery stores.

Whether you’re a traditional smoker who is trying to replace your use of traditional cigarettes or you’re curious about the current crop of e-cigarettes, there’s a great deal of development and change occurring in the electronic cigarette industry. For more information regarding e-cigarettes, you may want to visit honest electronic cigarette reviews if you’re curious about the opinion of other consumers like yourself.

Exertion Headache From Working Out? Four Warning Signs to Keep in Mind

Exertion headaches are not just a problem for professional athletes—they can affect anyone. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is getting regular exercise, but if your workout routine leaves you in blinding pain, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you experience any of these four symptoms during your exercise session, it may be time to cut your workout short.

Pain on Both Sides of the Head

There are many different types of headaches, and each headache has slightly different symptoms. If you experience pain on only one side of your head, you are not likely to be suffering from an exertion headache. Exertion headaches are caused by excessive blood pressure in the brain as a result of increased physical activity. According to the Mayo Clinic, this increased blood pressure results in pain that is felt fairly evenly on both sides of the head. Thus, most exertion headaches are felt on both sides of the head. If you feel pain on only one side of your head, you are not likely to be having an exertion headache.

Headaches That Only Start During or After Exercise

As mentioned above, an exertion headache is caused by increased blood pressure in the brain that occurs during exercise. Strenuous exercise increases your heart rate and respiratory rate as your body tries to increase the flow of oxygenated blood to your muscles. The result is that your blood pressure rises. Thus, you are most likely to experience an exertion headache during or after strenuous exercise. If you do not normally get headaches and your headaches only begin during an exercise session (or shortly thereafter), you are likely suffering from an exercise headache.

Headaches That Last Less Than 48 Hours

Typically, exercise headaches only afflict sufferers for a short period of time. Strenuous exercise puts a tremendous strain on the body. During exercise, your body directs all of its resources toward your lungs, muscles, and circulatory system. All of your bodily systems (nervous, muscular, vascular, and endocrine) are in a constant drive to achieve homeostasis, an internal balance. Thus, an exertion headache that is caused by increased blood pressure will subside within 48 hours as the body adjusts blood pressure accordingly. If your headaches last between five minutes and 48 hours, they very well may be exertion headaches.

Excruciating Pain for More Than 48 Hours Can Indicate a Serious Condition

Primary exertion headaches are typically short-term afflictions that begin in the minutes or hours following an exercise session and subside within two days. A secondary exertion headache endures for a minimum of 24 hours, and commonly continues for several days thereafter. A secondary exertion headache is usually accompanied by vomiting, fever, blurred vision, loss of consciousness, and excruciating pain that does not respond to treatment. Secondary exertion headaches can be symptomatic of severe health issues, including coronary artery problems, brain hemorrhaging, or tumors. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

If you are an athlete, you already place a high value on your health and fitness. If you experience any of the above four warning signs, you may be having an exertion headache. Anti-inflammatory medications such as Migralex can help to ease the pain. If your symptoms persist for 48 hours or more, you may be suffering a secondary exertion headache that is indicative of more dire health issues. An exertion headache is a painful event. Taking some time off from your workouts will allow you to recover faster and get back to your routine.

The Brief but Interesting History of Rugby Clothing

The game of rugby is, in the scheme of things, a pretty young sport. While the first recorded game of soccer dates back to Ancient Greece, the first recorded game of rugby was sometime between 1174 and 1183, and the game itself wasn’t properly codified until the 19th century. As the rules of the game began to take shape in the late 19th century, so did the attire that players wore. Let’s look at the history of rugby clothing, boots and headgear worn by players.

The Story of the Rugby Jersey

The first recorded rugby uniforms were white trousers and shirts…and a bow tie. Thankfully this trend died out and the rugby shirt, like much clothing in the 20th century, started to be crafted for comfort rather than social status. The rugby shirt evolved into a rugby jersey and thick cotton was chosen for comfort and functionality; cotton was also pretty hardy and less prone to tearing during a rough round of tackling, scrums and diving for the line. As soccer teams started to choose vertical stripes, rugby teams adopted horizontal stripes and stuck with this tradition for many years to follow.

As cheaper, synthetic fabrics came into use, the traditional rugby jersey was replaced with a sleeker, lighter model. Although the tough cotton jerseys could withstand a lot of wear and tear, they were heavy in rain and there was plenty of material to grab onto. Modern shirts are very tight fitting, which may be for the look, but players say it’s for the function!

These Boots Are Made for Rucking

In the early days of the game, workmen would play the game in their work boots, which were hobnailed for grip and destruction. The nails caused a great amount of injury and were part of the decision by the infant Rugby Football Union to ban the tactic of “hacking” at the shins of other players. By 1910, it was agreed upon that if studs were to be worn in boots, they had to be cylindrical and short, i.e. not intended to maim anyone. By 1926, studs had to be leather, and later, aluminum and plastic were approved. Modern boots are feats of technology, featuring not only leather, but also neoprene, nylon, and silicone.

No More Cauliflower Ears – The Scrum Cap

Protective headgear became a more popular choice from the 1990s onwards as players’ ears became permanently swollen and damaged from rough scrum play; the look is known as “cauliflower ears.” Headgear is used to protect the ears, as well as facial skin, that can burn during a scrum. It can also help with concussive injuries, which is always a bonus in such an aggressive sport. Headgear is made from soft materials; hard plastics and buckles are not permitted.

So there you have it—a brief history of one the gear worn to wear one of the roughest, toughest games in the world. The technology has come a long way but the hits are still hard and the sprigs are still painful to take to the shin!

I Don’t Look A Day Over 30

Aging is a natural process we all must accept, along with it goes the loss of some of the youthful shine of your skin and hair that again is inevitable with the passing of the years. It is up to you though to take some action and ensure you look your best at any age, and there are quite e few things you can do about it, here are some of them to get you started:

  • Protect yourself from the sun.
    The more you get yourself exposed to the sun`s UV (Ultra Violet) rays, the more you risk to fast-track the aging process of your skin. Don`t forget to use appropriate sun protection creams and lotions that will best match your skin type at all times when you plan to be exposed for a longer period, this doesn`t mean using such products exclusively when you are on your summer holiday but also while doing some work in your garden or taking a ride in your open top convertible.
  • Avoid or reduce alcohol and smoking.
    Smoking is proved to be one of the most influencing factors when it comes to premature skin aging, only 10 years of active smoking will cause for the accelerated appearance of wrinkles. Consumption of alcohol on the other side dehydrates the body, pushing the kidneys to work with a higher intensity in order to remove the surplus of water from you, leaving your organs dry in the process. Since your skin is your largest organ, alcohol has the effect of making it wrinkle at a faster pace than it is usual for regular healthy skin.
  • Don`t forget to exercise.
    Regular physical activity will have a positive effect on your circulation as well as contribute to stress reduction; the effect of this will be a better overall health condition of your body together with a healthier and more vital set of skin cells. By acting positively on your stress levels, the right amount of exercise will help in reversing some of the damage already done to your skin by stress, in so acting not only on a prevention level but also as a correctional activity. Do not forget to protect from the sun by putting on some sunscreen if you exercise outdoors.
  • Smile more often.
    Smiling is proven to reduce your blood pressure as well as to serve as a great stress relieve technique. It will also make you look younger and have a positive influence on your self-confidence.
  • Cleanse your skin regularly.
    Make sure that you regularly clean your skin and remove any remnants of oil, dead skin cells or makeup. There are some great anti aging solutions out there that will help you clean up your skin properly, do your research, consult with your dermatologist and find the ones best suited for you.

Great Ways To Relieve Lower Back Stress

Whether you sit and work at a desk, chase children around the house, stand at a cash register, or are out doing manual labor all day, chances are you experience lower back stress. It seems that no matter what we do during our daily routine, our lower backs take the brunt of it. Luckily, there are things that can be done to relieve it. Here are some varied, somewhat random tips on relieving lower back stress:

  1. For immediate, temporary relief, lay with your back on the floor and place your legs up on a chair so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor, and your calves are parallel to it. This relaxes the hips and takes pressure off of your lower back. Really, try it. It feels lovely.
  2. Whatever it is that makes up your daily routine, take small breaks to stretch, walk around, and/or relax – to do the opposite of whatever you are doing. If you sit all day, stand up and walk around. If you walk around or stand all day, stretch and sit down if possible.  Changing positions will help release the stress on your lower back.
  3. For more debilitating back stress and pain, going to the chiropractor can help. There are even chiropractors who are specializing in methods other than just chiropractic, like the doctors at Adjust4Life, who have many varied, non-surgical approaches to back pain, such as spinal decompression and laser therapy. Looking into these methods and getting professional medical help, while it might seem daunting at first, is often one of the most effective options and is certainly the only effective option for some, depending on the severity of the back pain one experiences.
  4. Exercise. Strengthening your muscles, especially your core muscles, will take pressure off of your back muscles and keep them from doing all of the work.
  5. Try preventative measures. While it’s one of the more expensive options, getting a mattress that allows for your personal best night’s sleep is definitely worth the expense. Not only is this a more permanent and lasting solution for lower back stress and pain, a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress will do wonders for just about every other aspect of your life. If getting a new mattress isn’t a viable option for you at this point in your life, for a less expensive solution, sleep on your side with a pillow in between your legs. This will help your hips to stay even while you sleep, relaxing your lower back and minimizing the amount of pressure and stress that can potentially build up during the night.

While these tips can be done individually, doing all four of them will definitely have the greatest impact on relieving lower back stress.

Advantages of Relying On Online Emergency Medical Care

There are many organizations that deal with the promoting the health of individuals. Treatment can be done at home and any other place. This has been made possible by the many websites that have been created by medics to help solve different medical problems. You can get all the answers to any problem in these websites.

The NYC Urgent care online medical help is very essential to many people. People with disabilities can be helped through these websites. The online help can help save lives especially during emergencies. There are all procedures of doing first aid that are followed in case of any accident. Apart from that there are also medications that are posted to help those people in problem.

There are those people with different diseases that are longtime. These diseases include cancer, high blood pressure and asthma among others. They are directed on thing they should do and also those things they should avoid. They are also directed on the best diets to take to promote recovery. The online help is like a guideline to many all patients.

It is possible for you to attend to a patient even when you are not a medic. All you need to do is to follow the procedures that are provided. The care is not limited to anybody. Everybody can access help from the sites without any problem. It is in the Internet and all you need is a gadget that can access Internet properly.

The process is not the same as depending on a doctor although all the information in the sites is posted by medics. The process is of getting help very convenient because you can access it anytime you need it. You can also get access video services either recorded or live. You are guaranteed of continued care.

Physicians can also interact through the websites. In the websites they also share different ideas that can be of help to their work. The online care program is also very cheap compared to other programs. All you need is ability to browse the Internet. Going to the hospitals for medical help is more expensive.

The process also saves times. The time that can be taken to go to the medical center can be used to access and treat someone in need. The process also prevents conditions from becoming worse. You have the chances of acquiring the best and most unique heath care needs in these sites.

Many medical institutions provide an alternative solution to absenteeism in work. Online health care gives many employees working in the medical centers an alternative way to take off from work. People can get services online unless when they have appointments from the doctor.

Apart from getting medical care one can ask for solutions to different problems. This is because patients have the ability to interact with any physician one on one. If you happen to have any medical problem, you can have it solved online. However, you have to be careful on the sites you visit. Visit sites that are trusted and reliable.