The Holidays – Great Time to Review Long Term Care Issues

The holidays bring families together. Many times you get to see family members you have not seen in sometime. This is a good time check on how older relatives are doing and evaluate your own planning for the physical, emotional and financial burdens Long Term Health Care can have on loved ones.

Before you review how your retirement plans deal with Long Term Health Care, use the holidays to spot changes in aging relatives. This may help avoid the crisis planning that comes when an issue is forced on a family. 

Look to spot personality or behavior changes that sometimes go unnoticed by those who see your loved one on a regular basis. It is important to speak-up about these issues with other family members so proper planning can be done prior to a crisis.

Matt McCann, a nationally recognized specialist in Long Term Health Care Planning, says to look for things like a relative repeating the same story over and over or general forgetfulness. Also look at overall confusion, neglect of appearance and hygiene, and balance issues.

“If you notice some of these things you should start asking more questions. The loved one may require help with normal activities of daily living or even supervision due to memory issues,” McCann said.

McCann says families need to be aware of the aging issues of family members and address these changes for their own protection.

“We brush off these changes as natural aging problems. However, some aging issues need to be addressed to help the overall welfare of the individual,” McCann noted.

He also suggests reviewing if the loved one has Long Term Care Insurance, and key documents such as powers of attorneys and healthcare directives.

McCann suggests you also review your own retirement plan and assess how you would pay for extended Long Term Health Care. Health insurance and Medicare will pay only a very limited amount for Long Term Care. This means the cost will come out-of-pocket which places a huge financial burden on your family. Affordable Long Term Care Insurance can pay for care and provide services which will protect assets and relieve the burden on family.

“Long Term Care insurance protects your 401k’s, IRA’s and other assets. It also allows the family to be family and not caregivers. Most of the people I speak with are ages 45 to 65 when planning is generally much more affordable and coverage easier to obtain,” McCann explained. “This is something you want to do when you are younger and more healthy. Premiums are based on the age and health at the time of application.”

He also notes that most states have partnership programs which provide additional asset protection. 43 states have passed milestone legislation creating a public-private “Long Term Care Partnership” which provides dollar-for-dollar asset protection or what is called “asset disregard”. Tax incentives also are available.

Consumers can learn more about Long Term Health Care Planning by going to his website: Additional online resources include:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

American Association for Long Term Care Insurance:

Long Term Care Planning News:

Life Happens:


When two British expats in Florida, Nigel P. Beatty and Christopher (Mark) Abba decided to start their own risk management firm in early 2015, neither knew exactly how things would progress with this insurance startup in an already established industry.

SGRM stands for ‘Someya Group Risk Management’, born out of a larger (non-insurance) investment management firm based in Asia and then established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in early 2015. Ten months on and the firm is still relatively small but ‘flying’ and gaining a solid reputation, as people are starting to talk and encourage others to take advantage of SGRM’s services.

“We never wanted to be a small cottage style firm”, explains Nigel Beatty, “We always wanted to be more corporate, dealing with very large accounts; working with big corporations or firms with hundreds or even thousands of personnel. Even so, we do deal with individual people we know, families and smaller companies and we treat these of course with the same care and attention as the big accounts. However our focus going forward is definitely larger entities.”

Beatty continues “We were obviously a very small firm at the beginning, just three of us, but using connections we were able to build quickly and get important customers. I used to be a captain on large yachts and the majority of the owners I worked for had large workforce; they are captains of industry. I am still in contact with many of these guys and some I consider friends. So I called them up and gave them a push in our direction. We are still a relatively small firm to be dealing with big corporations, so maybe our little startup is more of an upstart!”

Abba jumps into the conversation at this point, “This is not being an upstart in the arrogant sense of the word. More that we were suddenly working with entities that large, long established firms would usually work with… you know those firms with the logo rights on the tops of buildings in major cities!”
“However you have to understand,” Abba continues “that these guys Nigel has contacted are businessmen first and foremost. They are not going to blindly come over put the welfare of their workforce in our hands, just because their former yacht Captain asked them to. We had to prove ourselves and there was some suspicion at first. We showed them that we were licensed in 46 states of the US and were affiliated with over 50 domestic and worldwide carriers and that we could handle the national and international structures in their companies. But it still took time.”

As mentioned Nigel Beatty started as a yacht Captain, but in 2005 he came ashore and started building companies. His first was Super Yacht Logistics (SYL), which started with a bedroom office in Florida and a spare desk in a friend’s office in Japan. SYL soon moved out of the bedroom and now has 2 offices in Japan, and one in Florida, Australia, Taiwan and the UK.

SYL was acquired by The Someya Group (a Hong Kong company) in 2011 and Beatty retained as a director. Since then he has gone on to set up and Fathom Supply, Yotfix, Creation USA and now SGRM.

“I am not an insurance person” explains Beatty, “I am a maritime person and my full time job is being a luxury asset broker (primarily yachts) for private clients, while others run the various companies I own. Although I promote and bring clients to the firm, I stay away from the day to day stuff; insurance is Mark’s field of expertise.”

Christopher (Mark) Abba, he is generally referred to by his middle name, is an experienced insurance professional, with particular areas of expertise being Project and Risk Management and before joining SGRM, he created and headed up the Life and Health division for a major international brokerage.

However, he has not always been in the risk management business. Prior to insurance he spent more than twenty years working in the cruise and hospitality industries in various corporate management capacities, most notably in casinos worldwide and this considerable experience has provided an excellent background for the transition into risk management and insurance.

Luckily with Abba’s insurance pedigree and Beatty’s connections, SGRM has already signed major clients in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Europe and in the UK.

“It has been good,” says Abba, “June through August 2015 was a massive turning point for the firm with some high profile corporate clients coming onboard from the offshore oil and gas industry in Texas [SGRM has a licensed brokerage branch in Houston]. As well as this new clients from the yachting industry have moved over to work with SGRM, both large yacht crews themselves, management companies and local companies that support and maintain large yachts. In addition a medium to large bank based on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA is now working with us and loving our dynamic approach to managing their risk and protecting their workforce, whilst finding solutions particular to them. Now we have just partnered with a major European long haul airline to oversee their risk management and broker their insurance needs for their staff in the USA, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore. They are blown away by our approach to this business and their employees are over the moon.”

Both Beatty and Abba explain that by working diligently for the clients of SGRM, greater rewards will come.

“It is a big market out there and there are many solutions” says Beatty “Every client is different and needs a different solution, so hard selling one type of policy to everyone is just unacceptable. It may make more money in the short term, but that is just short term and plain short sighted! Every single case that SGRM deals with, I want carefully analyzed and for the firm to work closely with the client so that they get as near to the perfect solution as possible. Clients appreciate this kind of diligence and I refuse to have the firm work to a lesser standard.”
So are you a startup or an upstart?
“A little bit of both” Beatty laughs, “we have certainly ruffled some feathers with other outfits, but these companies that are getting ruffled must be doing something wrong to be so afraid of a little firm like ours! I prefer to be a regarded disruptor; this is why we started SGRM. Because other firms are stale, they are not adapting to the needs of large entities and are not moving with the times, whereas SGRM is… we can think outside of that box.”

Abba agrees “we have been an ‘upstart startup’ but we are moving away from this. We already have branch offices in Houston and Tokyo and affiliate offices in Singapore and Hong Kong now, with a view to establish permanent offices there, plus a UK office in mid-2016. We are becoming more established and therefore soon neither “startup” or “upstart” will apply to SGRM, but we will never stop acting the way we do by being at the forefront, pushing new ideas into this industry and  trying to be the absolute best in the business.”

Joanne Banks spoke to Mark Abba and Nigel Beatty, principles at SGRM – Someya Group Risk Management.

As Air Pollution Rises Globally, Blueair Calls For Greater Public Awareness Of Symptoms Of Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Now World’s 4th Largest Killer

Stockholm, November, 18, 2015 –– Blueair, a world leader in health enhancing mobile indoor air purification technologies, today issued a call for greater public awareness about the causes and alleviation of chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD), which kills over 3 million people every year. WHO says 600 million people worldwide today have chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD), which will be the third leading cause of death by 2030 after heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

“Known also as emphysema or chronic bronchitis, COPD is a preventable disease of the lungs caused by exposure to tobacco smoke as well as dust and airborne chemicals,” said Bengt Rittri, founder and CEO of Blueair, a Swedish company that sells life-transforming indoor air purifiers in 64 countries globally.

Mr. Rittri said there is an urgent need for the public to be made more aware that COPD is a global epidemic caused by many more factors than smoking cigarettes. He noted that while COPD is not curable, WHO says it is preventable by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution such as dust, smoke, fumes, air freshener sprays, and household cleaning products.

“Humans on average take around 960 breaths an hour, which means we breathe in something like 10,000 liters of air – and all the nasty stuff in it – each day,” Mr. Rittri said. “Even worse, airborne pollution impacts children more than adults because their young lungs are still developing.”

Speaking at Blueair’s Stockholm head office, Mr. Rittri urged people to take greater individual responsibility for the indoor air they and those around them breathe.

“There is not much we can do as individuals about the air pollution in our cities. But we can take simple steps to alleviate the potential consequences of indoor airborne pollution such as COPD by simply installing an air purifier, like those made by Blueair, which can capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles such as smoke, dust, chemicals and fumes,” Mr. Rittri said.    



- It is now recognized that 10-20% of COPD patients have never smoked! Furthermore, only a fraction of smokers develop COPD, suggesting that both genetic and environmental factors influence the risk of developing COPD.

- COPD death rates for women have risen steadily. Today, more women than men die from COPD each year.

- Approximately 12 million adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with COPD, and 120,000 die from it each year. An additional 12 million adults in the U.S. are thought to have undiagnosed COPD.

- WHO says mortality due to COPD in the Southeast Asia region is expected to grow by 160% to 2020, totaling more than the combined numbers of deaths due to malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

- In India, approximately 30 million people are estimated to have COPD and half a million die every year from it, according to

- In China, WHO says chronic respiratory diseases are the second leading cause of death

- In Europe 4-10% of adults have COPD.

– Total COPD related expenses for outpatient care (= not in hospital) in the EU is approximately € 4,7 billion per year

(sources: various, including U.S. National, Heart, Lung & Blood Institute:


For more information, please contact:

David Noble, Blueair International PR Manager


T: +44 7785 302 694

About Blueair
Sold in over 60 countries around the world, Blueair delivers home and office users clean indoor air for enhanced health and wellbeing faster than any competing air purifier. Thanks to its high-performance tech­nology, energy economy, and eco-friendly design, a Blueair air purifier works efficiently and silently to remove 99.97% of allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants.

Comfort for Alzheimer’s Patients

Comfort Companions for Security and Therapy

Sparta, NC, November 18, 2015– Just in time for National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and National Caregivers Month, Comfort Companion releases several new versions of their Alzheimer’s comfort doll, Comfort Companion. Please visit our website for all options –

“I have always had a fondness for the geriatric community, so I wanted to create something especially for them.” Janet Tompkins, Founder Speechpath Tools, LLC.

Approximately 5.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association predicts that by 2025 there will be 7.1 million seniors, aged 65 and older, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. By 2050, that number will likely almost triple to 13.8 million.

Another 15+ million Americans are caregivers. In 2012, 15.4 million caregivers provided care valued at $216 billion. Nearly 15% of these caregivers are long-distance. More than 60% of Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers rate the emotional stress of caregiving as high or very high. More than one-third report symptoms of depression. The physical and emotional toll of caregiving cost Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers an additional $9.1 billion in health care costs of their own, in 2012.

Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia, and is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. 44% of Americans between the ages of 75 to 84 have Alzheimer’s disease. More than two-thirds of the Americans with Alzheimer’s disease are women. African-Americans are about twice as likely to have Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia, compared to older whites.

Alzheimer’s disease causes problems with memory, thoughts and behavior. Comfort Companion dolls are designed with substance, weight and scientifically-proven soothing scents to make them huggable, and offer physical comfort and security.

Alzheimer’s patients typically have issues with ‘busy hands.’ In an effort to help with that issue, the dolls provide tactile stimulation with flowers, bows and bandanas.

Memory loss, likely the most familiar symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, is addressed by the Comfort Companion dolls with a memory pocket to allow patients to store photos of loved ones and other important keepsakes that will stimulate memory and interaction.

“I think they are absolutely wonderful. The more senses you explore with people with dementia, the more they are going to understand and be able to see and feel. Their mind is still available to make some memories.” Kathy Long, VP of Adult Day Services for Senior Services Inc. in Winston-Salem

My Comfort Companion . . . Always There When You Can’t Be.

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Alcoholism stigma book earns USA Best Books Awards Finalist honors

Burlington, Wis., November 18, 2015 The stigma of alcoholism is what keeps many alcoholics from seeking help for their disease. Adding Fire to the Fuel, the third recovery-oriented book by award-winning author Scott Stevens, captures the controversial topic in readable fashion. Stevens debuted the book June 13 at Book Passage on San Francisco’s Embarcadero as part of the REEL Recovery Film Festival. USA Book News has honored the book as a Finalist in its 2015 Best Books Awards, Health: Addiction & Recovery category. It’s Stevens second recognition from USA Book News. His relapse recovery book, Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, was honored as a 2012 Finalist.

Much of what is known about the disease of alcoholism connects it to flaws in genes which control metabolism of alcohol as well as the brain’s risk/reward biochemistry. “It’s a disease. Same kind of chronic, progressive, incurable-but-treatable, primary and fatal classification as cancer or diabetes. When we handle people with those other diseases with empathy, love and casseroles, but dish out distaste to alcoholics or recovering ones, we create a social and economic problem that’s passed its tipping point.”

The new book, available at all retailers following the California launch, looks at the stigma around alcoholism and alcoholism recovery as a $250 billion annual problem hiding in plain sight. “The story of alcohol and America’s affair with it keeps it from being recognized as the problem. Instead, people with the disease of alcoholism are considered the problem. ‘Alcoholic’ is a pejorative today. That’s ripe for change,” says the author.

The third-leading cause of preventable death and illness stays under the radar because of good advertising and bad stigma, according to Stevens. “Its purveyors are proclaimed as charitable kings. Those who use it and discover alcohol has health and social consequences, are labeled as villains, kill-joys, weak, weird, or morally off. What that stigma does to keep people from getting help also keeps the discussion of what alcohol does to you behind the wishful-thinking-driven chatter about what it does for you. The tipping point has passed. The status quo: No longer sustainable or acceptable.”


Adding Fire to the Fuel examines:

How families and communities feed public and self-stigma even while the stigma holds them back;

How stigma has become a barrier to many who want help;

How to hang on to sobriety in a pro-alcohol world;

And how PANonymous alcoholics will reduce stigma more than all the protests combined.





Stevens is on the leadership team of luxury addiction care provider, The Manor. The noted journalist on alcoholism also is a founding influencer of the world’s largest medical portal, His books on the disease include 2010′s What the Early Worm Gets and 2012′s Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, which earned finalist honors in the Indie Book Awards and USA Best Books Awards in 2013. For more information on the new book, please visit


David Brown Joins MAB Community Services as New Chief Advancement Officer

BOSTON, MA – MAB Community Services has appointed former WCVB Channel 5 meteorologist David Brown as its new Chief Advancement Officer. Brown left local broadcasting several years ago for the not-for-profit Forsyth Institute, a biomedical research institute specializing in oral health. As Forsyth’s Chief Advancement Officer, Brown raised visibility and brought in record financial support for Forsyth’s research and community programs. In his new role at MAB Community Services, Brown will continue to fulfill his passion for connecting people, and advancing non-profit causes. 

Brown will work closely with MAB CEO Barbara Salisbury to advance the venerable non-profit’s mission of “creating opportunities and transforming lives for people with disabilities”. Brown is well known within the MAB community as Master of Ceremonies for their “Extravaganza”, an annual fundraising event to benefit MAB’s Ivy Street School, which helps teens and young adults with special needs gain the skills they need to successfully transition to adult life. He has also run alongside many athletes from Team With A Vision—the running/fundraising team for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, another branch of MAB—at various races around New England, including the Boston Marathon. Brown started work for MAB at the beginning of November.

“David has always had close ties to the local non-profit community, and they have remained strong,” said Barbara Salisbury, CEO of MAB Community Services. “His work with us in the past, and his connections in the local community, will make him a wonderful asset to our organization.”

Brown enjoyed a long and successful television broadcasting career that brought him to Boston in 1995. For nearly 18 years Brown could be seen on WCVB Channel 5. During that time he transitioned easily between his roles as a meteorologist on NewsCenter 5’s Eyeopener, an anchor on that same program, and a reporter covering special issues. During his tenure, Brown was instrumental in starting the environmental series, “Going Green Boston”, and took great pride in taking over the A-PLUS series, which profiled outstanding high school seniors who have overcome life challenges. Each student then received a college scholarship from the Kirby Perkins Scholarship Fund.

As a dedicated volunteer in the community, he has visited hundreds of local classrooms to share the wonder of science, and served as Master of Ceremonies for numerous charities and fundraisers. Even after leaving local television, Brown has dedicated much of his free time to supporting local charities, including AIDS Action, where he has served as the Host and MC of the annual Boston AIDS Walk and received their Community Service Award.

Brown supports Fenway Health, Boston Medical Center, and Community Servings. He has served as co-chair for numerous fundraisers, and is active with the Ellie Fund and Project Place, a Boston organization dedicated to addressing homelessness. Brown serves as MC and auctioneer for the annual Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center Chinese New Year celebration, and participates in WCVB’s annual Jerry Lewis Telethon to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Indiana University. After pursuing post-graduate work at Mississippi State University, he was awarded the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval in recognition of his professionalism in weather forecasting and reporting.

“As a working adult, my first volunteer opportunity was with Sacramento California’s Society for the Blind, mentoring students interested in broadcasting,” said Brown. “My passion for removing barriers and creating opportunities has deep roots. I’m looking forward to supporting MAB Community Services’ essential, uplifting, and treasured work. Dedicated MAB employees strengthen our community through their service and outreach, while volunteers add their unparalleled generosity.”

MAB Community Services has been serving people with disabilities since 1903, and is the oldest social service agency in the United States to serve people who are blind or visually impaired. Today MAB serves a wide range of populations with disabilities through its three distinct branches: the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI), the Ivy Street School, and Adult Disability Services. MAB has been providing services, advocacy, and outreach in Massachusetts communities, creating opportunities for people with disabilities by teaching; job training; providing volunteers, learning materials and methods; creating residences for blind individuals; educating the public; and partnering with the government, other agencies, the private sector, and the community. They work tirelessly to promote acceptance, inclusion, equality, and diversity.

Early Start to Black Friday-Cyber Monday Vacation Deal at The Somerset on Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos

GRACE BAY, Turks and Caicos – The Somerset on Grace Bay agrees, opposites attract. Like cold weather natives and tropical island vacations. And, the five-star Turks and Caicos resort and a Black Friday-Cyber Monday deal.

The Somerset on Grace Bay, announces its 2015 Black Friday-Cyber Monday Special. Guests booking the offer will receive an unrivaled 35% savings on daily room rates including:

  • Stay of 5 nights or more in villa accommodations
  • Daily continental breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Special daily rates reflective of the 35% savings begin at $715 (regularly $1,100) for a one-bedroom Residence Villa for stays of five nights or more. The offer is based on single or double occupancy and subject to tax and service charges. A head start is included on this travel deal with booking window beginning 12:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, November 25 and last through 11:59 p.m. EST Cyber Monday, November 30, 2015. Peak winter season travel dates are January 3 through February 27, 2016. The offer is based on availability, valid on new bookings only and not combinable with any other special or promotion.

With 350 days of sun, summer never ends in Turks and Caicos. Nestled on the powdery white sands of TripAdvisor’s #1 beach in the Caribbean located on Providenciales, #1 island in the world, The Somerset is ideal for couples, families and multigenerational travelers. The savings are available in any of the resort’s 53 villa accommodations, from a 1,400 sq. ft. one-bedroom villa to a 5,300 sq. ft. five-bedroom penthouse. Each elegant accommodation features spacious living areas, gourmet kitchens with Viking® appliances, marble floors and bathrooms and more. Every villa opens to private patios or balconies with views of lush tropical gardens, refreshing pools or the flawless Grace Bay Beach.

Resort guests enjoy many complimentary amenities, including pedal bicycles to cruise around Grace Bay, infinity edge and reverse-current lap pools, fitness center with steam room, in-room Wi-Fi, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, Hobie Cat sailboats, croquet and more.

Children ages 5 to 12 enjoy the complimentary Caicos Kids Club staffed by a certified teacher. Popular with parents and children alike, the club offers fun, interactive activities during the day and kids movie nights under the stars on select evenings to provide parents with an opportunity to dine alone together.

For reservations, please call toll-free (877) 887-5722, the resort direct at (649) 339-5900 or book online at using promo code BLACKFRIDAY.

About The Somerset on Grace Bay

Located on world-famous Grace Bay on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, The Somerset on Grace Bay is an intimate, award-winning five-star resort where couples and families alike enjoy treasured times together. A Forbes Travel Guide Star List award winner, the luxury resort features 53 one- to five-bedroom villas and suites ranging from 1,400 to 5,300 sq. ft., as well as two restaurants and bars, a zero-entry infinity-edge pool, a reverse current lap pool outfitted with underwater Bose sound system, fitness center, full-service spa, a range of activities on land and sea, concierge services and complimentary Caicos Kids Club featuring children’s activities led by a certified instructor. In 2015, TripAdvisor named Providenciales the #1 Best Island in the World and Grace Bay Beach the #1 Best Beach in the Caribbean and #2 Best Beach in the World.

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RedStorm Labs New Stack Top Bodybuilding Breakthrough of 2015?

RedStorm Labs has exploded on to the bodybuilding scene with two new powerful supplements; Muscle HD and Muscle Recovery HD. Already being featured in Inside Fitness Magazine as well as receiving the Supp Dawg Selection Seal in Muscle Insider’s Supplement Buyer’s Guide, RedStorm Labs is a company to watch for those seeking to optimize their athletic performance.

Muscle HD is a supplement that was carefully crafted to increase strength and performance during an intensive resistance-training program. Muscle Recovery HD on the other hand was scientifically designed to help the body repair muscle tissue damage associated with hard training. Every single ingredient in both products was painstakingly selected to ensure 100% optimal athletic performance.

With featured products storming the market place for both performance and recovery, it’s no surprise RedStorm Labs has had no issues attracting top talent to their team. What does Denon Maximchuk, the Northern Classic natural bodybuilding 1st place winner, and Brandon Tovey, an 8 time World-Record Holder in Powerlifting, Bench Press, and 2 time Powerlifting World Champion, have in common? Both have seen the value of these exciting new products and joined the RedStorm Labs team.

Unlike many supplements on the market, every single batch of product RedStorm Labs produces is quality and safety tested before going to market. Their customers can feel secure in knowing they are actually getting what they are paying for.  The production process not only meets, but exceeds all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications.

To learn more about RedStorm Labs, their current products, and keep up to date with all exciting new company announcements, please follow and learn more at their official websites.

RedStorm Labs Official Website

Muscle HD Official Website

Muscle Recovery HD Official Website


[NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2015] – First of it’s kind, National LGBTQ matchmaking and relationship advising company D8able LLC has officially launched in the New York City and Washington D.C. markets. The company offers a match making service for the LGBTQ community that’s simply matchless. Clients are matched based on a behavioral assessment profile done by professionally trained psychological profilers and the alignment of 19 relationship elements.

D8able LLC LGBTQ Matchmaking and Relationship Advising promotional video

D8able LLC is designed to teach the LGBTQ community how to be dateable by completing a behavioral profile assessment before they attempt to include a partner in their lives. “We educate on self and how it is the foundation to any relationship, but there are steps to landing the ideal person and maintaining a healthy relationship.” says co-founder Tye Farley, “the beginning of those steps start with the individuals.” “Many of our clients have tried LGBT dating apps and have been unsuccessful. As a result, they have become disenchanted with the dating process and are looking for our team of seasoned professionals to aid them in finding their potential life partners” says co-founder Tosin Adesanya. D8able LLC ultimate goal is to link individuals of the LGBTQ community to other like-minded individuals who are seeking meaningful relationships that lead to lifelong commitment.

Additional services include:
            1. Relationship Counseling
            2. Individual Counseling
            3. Group Counseling Sessions with Singles and Couples
            4. Behavioral Profiles
            5. Dating and Relationship Workshops

The founders personal aim is to educate on health and political topics that affect the LGBTQ directly. The company has already joined several cause related organizations such as the NGLCC (National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) and does monthly dating and relationship workshops and panel discussions on a variety of relationship and health related topics.

About D8able LLC
D8able LLC is a national LGBTQ matchmaking and relationship advising company based in New York. The mission of D8able is to provide service to LGBTQ clients in search of love/companionship. In addition, they serve as an educational resource providing information on relationship, health, governmental affairs that affect the LGBTQ community. D8able LLC is designed to educate the LGBTQ community on the dating process and how to maintain a successful relationship. For more information about the services and programs, visit and follow on Instagram @D8able_llc.



Breaking Stride to Check Your Split? EdgeGear Changes the Way Runners and Athletes View Their Watches with the SHIFT™ Watch Band

New watch band for running debuts on Kickstarter and works easily with fitness and smartwatches

(San Diego, CA) November 17, 2015—On a mission to improve and modernize the way people have worn watches for centuries, EdgeGear announces the launch of the SHIFT™ watch band on Kickstarter. With a design that positions the watch at optimum viewing angle and within the natural field of view (between the thumb and pointer fingers), the SHIFT band allows the user to easily read the data provided by their sports or smartwatch, without disrupting the flow of his or her run or workout. Comfortable and offering a snug fit, the fly-weight watch band is compatible with most fitness and smart watch models including the Apple watch, Garmin, Pebble, SUUNTO and others.


After 2 years of developing and testing prototypes, EdgeGear Founders and designers James Gilmore and Andrew Green launched the SHIFT watch band to address how the placement of their watches was slowing them down. Gilmore and Green met while living in Oslo, Norway and evoked the SHIFT idea during their runs together.


“Every time we looked down to check our pulse, our pace, our progress, the placement of our watches slowed us down,” explains Gilmore. “We were losing time whenever we attempted to gain it. That’s when we realized that our watch bands were stuck in a previous century.” With a background in biotech and and a passion for running, Green adds, As runners, we are constantly reaching for the split-second edge. As engineers, we’ll take any excuse to tinker with the status quo.”

EdgeGear has partnered with SMACK! Media during their Kickstarter campaign to help reach their goal of $45,000 to be used towards manufacturing the SHIFT watch band that will officially go to market in March of 2016. With 13 days left, the campaign is only a few thousand dollars away from achieving the fundraising goal. Green comments, “We are excited to partner with SMACK! Media for this fast-paced campaign. Based on their previous successes with Kickstarter, their creative and strategic marketing tactics and their personal knowledge of our target market, the team at SMACK! will elevate our team and guide us to meet and exceed our objectives.”


Pre orders are available now for $30.00 until November 30, 2015 through the Kickstarter crowd-funding website. Watch the SHIFT™ in action and pre-order yours today here:


About EdgeGear

Founded by biotech engineers and runners not afraid to tinker with the status quo, James Gilmore and Andrew Green seek to revolutionize and improve the way we wear watches beginning with the launch of the SHIFT™ watchband. Compatible with many fitness and smartwatches today, SHIFT repositions the placement of the watch to optimize viewing and interaction, targeting the runner and active user. Help change the face of time!