How to Improve Your Current Smile

How to Improve Your Current SmileYour smile can be one of your greatest assets or it can be a detriment. Often, it is the first impression you give to others. We all know how important this first impression is, as someone judges whether or not they want to approach you to become friends in just a few seconds upon seeing you.┬áIt has been noted that a person’s smile is the number one feature that can make them attractive to other people. People who have great smiles radiate warmth and friendliness, and make them more approachable. Follow these tips for having a great smile.

The first way to have a great smile is to increase your awareness of your smile. People with really warm smiles seem to use their whole face, eyes included in that warm smile that makes them seem so beautiful to you. You may find standing in front of the mirror and covering your mouth, helpful to practice smiling with your eyes. Pay particular attention to what muscles you are using.

The second way to have a great smile is to focus on your teeth. Strong teeth are a good indication of good health. If you have less than desirable teeth consider cosmetic dentistry. Genesis Dental is a great place to turn to for help. They have a lot of solutions so that your teeth can become how you want them to look. Some of their services include: porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, implant retained dentures, sculpting the gum line, and orthodontic services such as Invisalign. They will work with you regardless if you have a lot or a little cosmetic work to do and provide you with high quality service and procedures.

The third way to have a great smile is to do exercises. You may find yourself laughing at this, but to become good at anything we know requires practice. If your face isn’t used to smiling, when you try to smile it will look unnatural. Practice smiling and stretching out your face muscles so when you smile it looks natural and beautiful. Doing exercises also helps to keep your lips, especially your upper lip, plump. Naturally lips tend to thin as we age, so by doing regular exercises we can help to keep them healthy and plump aiding in our beautiful smile.

Along these lines, it is important to keep your skin hydrated. Help your skin stay hydrated and healthy by staying out of the sun and by using lotions. Not only should the area around your mouth by hydrated, but in order to have a great smile your lips should always be hydrated as well. Regularly apply chapstick to your lips so they don’t dry out and crack.

Finally, a fifth way to have a great smile is to spend time watching comical movies or shows. Smiling actually makes a person feel happier, so why wouldn’t everyone want to experience this! So take the time to regularly watch something funny, so that not only are you used to smiling, but you are getting good chemicals being released into your system causing happiness and stress relief. If you follow these manageable tips, you will better your smile and leave a lasting impression.

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