How To Choose The Right Razor For Men

Choosing the right razor is very important to getting a good shave. Every day millions of men go to their bathroom mirrors and trust their faces and with it their image to what’s too often the wrong razor. For many men their only concern is finding the best price possible on a passable razor. By doing so, they doom themselves to a bad looking, painful shave. However, if they take the time to consider what they need to get a smooth, close, good-looking shave they’ll realize it’s not too hard to find.

The key to finding the right razor is knowing what to look for. There are two factors men should consider when choosing a razor. They are the size of the razor’s handle and its overall weight. The right razor should be easy to hold and maneuver, feel good in your hand and enable you to get the proper cutting angle. When razors are not heavy enough, men tend to press too hard and cut themselves. When a man has a razor that feels right it shows on his face. Literally. Their skin will be smooth and clean without any nicks.

Making sure the cutting head has the same amount of blade exposure on either side is crucial. You can tell if it’s equal by looking at the space between the blade and the safety bar. It space should be even on both sides. Many cheap razors have uneven gaps. This can lead to cuts during shaving. Better brands have symmetrical cutting heads and razors that are crafted to precise standards. A little research will reveal several moderately priced models that can help many men get a good, close shave.

Each person has unique skin and hair. That means it’s near impossible to make blanket statements about which razor is the best. It’s a matter of personal choice. Men have to pay attention to what makes their skin look and feel its best. Some may get a better shave with the sharpest blade available. For other men too sharp a blade will cause scratching and burning. Still others find if the blade isn’t sharp enough it may lead to pulling and tugging of the facial and irritation of the skin. Purchase a mixed sample pack and see which one works best for you.

Some brands of blades have reputations for working best for beginners and men with sensitive skin men. Others need a razor that will allow them to shave more aggressively. There are brands of blades which work best for people with thick beards. The edges tend to be sharper and they deliver a quality shave with no pulling and tugging due to dullness. The most popular blades have a smoother cutting edge and work well for men with skin prone to irritation from extra sharp blades.

Shaving can be very relaxing. But that requires a quality razor and proper shaving technique. With a little research and practice it’s possible to find the right razor for men.

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