How Physical Therapy Can Help You

Physical therapy not only helps a person recover from an injury but also helps to avoid future injuries. This type of therapy does this by reducing the amount of pain within the soft tissues in order to improve function, flexibility and improve muscle strength.With the help of a physical therapist, those with injuries either sport, accident or health condition related can be addressed and improved. Here is how physical therapy can help you.

For those who have experienced an injury of any sort, physical therapy can aid in the process of injury recovery. Depending on the problem, a type or types of physical therapy are used to address the injury. Types of physical therapy include exercise, manual therapy, specialized treatment, and education.

During injury recovery, exercise, in most cases, is part of therapy. Exercise helps to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination as well as decrease stress on joints. After an injury, physical activity is introduced gradually and increases as progress is made.

Manual therapy involves treatment such as massage, mobilization, and manipulation to reduce pain and improve flexibility. Massage applies pressure to the soft tissue to help improve circulation and induce relaxation. Mobilization uses slow movements to push, pull and twist joints and bones to their intended position. Manipulation, a much more forceful part of physical therapy, use fast movements to position bones and joints.

Depending on the training of your physical therapist, you may also receive specialized treatment, Specialized treatment can refer to anything from wound care to oncology for patients. Based on the cause of your injury, specialized treatment may be available to you.

Lastly, part of the physical therapy is gaining education pertaining to how you can improve your injury and avoid further injury. Physical therapists will teach patients how perform daily tasks, use assistive devices, performing home exercises and how to make your home safer for you during recovery. Education and learning how to improve your condition is beneficial to patients.

Overall, physical therapy is greatly beneficial and highly recommended for those who have experienced an injury. During your time with a physical therapist your condition will be evaluated, and a plan will be developed. This plan may include a combination of exercise, manual therapy, specialized treatment and education. Over time, patients will achieve their goals and progress in their recovery.

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