Gift Ideas for Fitness Friends in Your Life

We all have one – that friend that is always talking about the new organic produce store they shop at, how many miles they’ve ran that morning, and how long they’ve done yoga. The great thing about these friends is their fitness hobbies make them ridiculously easy to shop for when the holiday seasons roll around. Below are ideas to give for the mind, body and soul of your health happy friends:

For the mind

Some of your friends might be interested in tracking their progress and monitoring their goals. Some great gifts for tracking progress are:
1. The Fit Bit
2. The Nike Fuel Band
3. A workout App for a cell phone
4. A wall calendar to track workout sessions

The Fit Bit and the Nike Fuel Band have a wireless tracker built inside of them. They are worn either around the wrist or clipped on to workout gear. These devices are able to track steps and calculate calories burned. The App for a cell phone offers food logs, weight tracking, and goal tracking. A calendar will also help track progress.

For the body

Gifts that take care of the body after a hard workout session are excellent choices:
1. Find a local sports masseuse and buy a gift certificate from them to give to your friend.
2. Find a spa in your area and see what kind of bodywork they have available. There are plenty of treatments available that would be helpful including body wraps, body scrubs, gentle massage, reflexology, and hydrotherapy.
3. Find a good chiropractor and buy a small package that includes an introductory exam.
4. Find a qualified acupuncturist that works specifically with athletes.

For the soul

Some gifts to give friends who practice yoga and meditation are:
1. A brand new yoga mat
2. A brand new yoga bag
3. A new water bottle
4. A new work out outfit from a popular store
5. A package of yoga classes at the local studio
6. A meditation timer
7. A set of meditation crystals and candles
8. A collection of meditative music

Anything from new yoga mats, new workout gear, a fitness tracking device, massage, chiropractic, and spa treatments are excellent gift ideas to give to your friend to show your support for their accomplishments.

Jacelyn is a writer for, specialists in Utah Spider Veins. In her spare time she loves to paint and spend time with family.


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