Getting in Shape without a Gym Membership

These days people don’t have a lot of money. They can no longer afford the conveniences they once thought were a way of life. One of the main conveniences that have disappeared is gym memberships. These costly expenditures have given way to sitting at home doing nothing rather than making an effort to work out. Our country has developed a reputation as a lazy nation and the economy isn’t helping. It’s possible to get and stay in shape without having a gym membership though. Studies have proven that you only need to do some sort of activity for an hour a day. Most of us spend more time than that watching television and dining on our new favorite junk food. You don’t even need to use up this hour in one swoop. You could do one part of it at the beginning of the day and the rest of it a few hours later. Celebrities who lose and gain lots of weight in the blink of an eye have the luxury of hiring personal trainers and having more money than we could make in five lifetimes. We don’t have that luxury.

We have to depend on ourselves to stay fit. Getting motivated to lose weight is one of the hardest things a person can do. You want to maintain how you eat and your level of activity because it’s comfortable. Plus, many of us work long, draining weeks and have little energy left over to devote to our families, let alone setting aside an hour each day to exercise. People with families could develop a routine where they workout with their loved ones. Parents who are obese often raise overweight children. They pass on their bad habits and the cycle continues for several generations. The cycle of obesity is something that can be stopped at anytime. You just have to have the courage to stop it. Eating is just like any other addiction. There are support groups and rehabilitation facilities that deal with overeating. You could easily go to a support group and talk it over with like-minded people, or you could take it day by day and wean yourself off your dependence on food. It’s not easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Once you have figured out your diet and activity schedule, your next step is to stay on top of it. Anyone who lives a sedentary lifestyle and eats a lot will have a hard time adjusting. Your body and stomach aren’t used to moving around and eating less. Both of them will fight you until the bitter end in an effort to get you to go back to the way things used to be. You might think that you’re powerless against their demands, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your brain runs the show and you have power over your brain. If your stomach and body are winning, it’s because you’re letting them win. Exert some willpower on the situation and prove to yourself that you’re tough enough to prevail.

Here are some simple ideas to keep you fit for free or very little money.

1. Go outside and take a walk for at least 30-60 minutes. This is a great way to get your heart rate moving even if you are only walking. Instead of watching TV for 4 hours at night go outside for one of those. If you have a family take your family and talk with them without distractions, if you don’t have a family take your IPOD and listen to music.

2. Go for a bike ride. Remember as a child you used to love going on bike rides. They can be just as enjoyable as they once were. You can either get a new bike from the store or look for one second hand online or at a used item store. Even a bike ride for 30 minutes will do your body wonders.

3. Go on a hike. It is the perfect weather to head up to the mountains and go for a hike in the mountains. The mountain air is wonderful and refreshing if you live in the cities. Take a moment and enjoy nature.

4. Get Home Fitness Equipment. Although there is an upfront cost for home exercise equipment it pays off. You don’t have to make a trip to the gym every night but can work out from home. If you love watching TV put your exercise equipment near your TV and watch movies and shows and you will be done exercising in no time.

5. Go swimming. Getting a pass to your local swimming pool. It usually isn’t very much and you can get great exercise. Do laps or even just walk while in the water. It is easier on your joints and fun. Plus if your pool is outside you can get a nice tan!


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