Fighting the Monster of Alcoholism

Fighting the Monster of AlcoholismAlcohol addiction boxes you into a corner. What starts as a social habit soon turns into a monster that you cannot control. After much reflection, you may take the great leap of faith and quit. Sadly, this may only last a few days. This is because your body has gotten used to a high dose of alcohol, you have reached a stage where you are totally dependent on alcohol. Without it you cannot concentrate on your work, you feel shy of just cannot face reality. This feeling forces you to go for some more. The truth is denying your body a substance that has gotten used to makes one feel terrible.

Overcoming the fear of recovery

The fear of what life will be like after you come out of an alcohol treatment program is not real. In essence, your mind is playing with you. Psychiatrists reckon that, your mind has already registered that living a clean life has its benefits. It therefore goes ahead to paint a bleak picture of how you will remain miserable if you quit. What happens is that after you start living a life free from alcohol, you start feeling much better. Doctors and psychiatrists will help in tackling withdrawal effects. In a matter of weeks, your body will have recovered. It takes longer for the mind though and that is why counseling comes into play.

Give the body a chance to recover

There is no other way out for an alcoholic; you must give your body a chance to recover. Look at it this way. If you go for detoxification for, say, five days and then go scot free without any other lesson, that treatment won’t help. That is why rehab programs are designed to provide treatment and counseling at the same time. There is also constant follow up in order to ensure that you do not experience a relapse. Now that the rehab team has done its part, the rest is up to you. The desire to quit drinking and be integrated into normal life is what should drive you to pursue recovery.

Surrendering from an alcoholic life

Former alcoholics who are now fully recovered will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work in order to be free from addiction. There is no way you will stop drinking and then continue frequenting pubs or hanging out with your old drinking mates. You must change your way of life. Get rid of all loopholes that threaten to get you back into your old habits. The changeover from an alcoholic to a non-alcoholic requires total surrender. You accept that you are an alcoholic who needs help and is ready to embrace a new life. Seek help from the people you trust. Above everything else, go for rehab.

Monster of Alcoholism

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