Yoga: Just A Trend?

Every now and again there is an exercise trend that is sweeps through the suburbs of the United States that gets housewives and movie stars both moving. Yoga began as an exercise trend, popular because it came with tight pants and a lean body with what appeared to be minimal effort. However, this trend has […]

How to Incorporate Equipment into Your Workout

How often do you exercise? If exercise is a part of your daily routine, you may be searching for ways to change it up. After all, participating in the same routine each and every day can weaken your motivation and be downright boring. If you fall into this category, consider adding exercise equipment to your […]

Resistance Training Equipment

Resistance training equipment is beneficial for anyone who wants to perform better at their sport, or improve their fitness. Almost every form of exercise these days integrates resistance training, even aerobics and dance classes. By building strength, you’ll burn calories at a faster rate, enhance your abilities, and improve your aesthetics. Buying the right equipment […]

Diet, Exercise, and Consistency

CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS When was the last time that you obtained something that was of value without hard work? My guess is that it rarely if ever has happened. I have heard more times than I care to count the phrase: I’ve tried everything to lose weight, and it just won’t come off. What I […]

Buying a Treadmill?

Buying a treadmill? You have a lot of options these days. There are over 30 different brands on the market – each with their own line of different models! One brand you may want to consider is a Nordic Track treadmill. Nordic Track? The brand may conjure up visions of the famous ski machine that […]