Creating a Home Gym

Have you ever considered putting a gym in your home? Having a gym membership can be very expensive. Going to an actual gm can also be taxing and time consuming. Between traveling to the gym and trying to get on a machine that you want to use you may spend more time there than anticipated. […]

The Many Reasons for Shaving

Many men shave and there are quite a few reasons why. The art of shaving, a leading resource for all men’s shaving needs. Check out this info graphic they’ve put together about why men shave and other interesting hair facts. Take a look below!

Vaccinations: Here Are a Few that You May Want to Consider

Many individuals choose to get the flu shot each year to stay healthy during flu season. However, you should be doing more than simply getting a flu shot in order to protect your health. Vaccinations are integral for immunity from painful, and sometimes fatal, diseases. Below are three other vaccinations you should consider getting if […]

The Benefits Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Like many of us, you have probably heard of and even tried many of the fad diets and various weight loss supplements that have caught the attention of the media and public. The story is usually the same, these diets and supplements tend to come and go in the form of the low carb diet, […]

Consider Nursing

What do nurses all have in common? A vast knowledge of the human body, enjoy being healthy and helping others achieve this, as well as enjoy caring for others. If you have an interest in any of these things then perhaps you should be considering a job in nursing. There are many fields that nurses […]

Do you Have Hyperhidrosis?

When people go to the gym to work out they’re expected to sweat, but for some sweating can get out of control and be exceessive. A leading men and women’s hyperhidrosis site,, has some information on this disorder. It’s estimated that nearly 6 million Americans suffer from over sweating, and many of them don’t […]

Bulking Up to Play Sports

Bulking up for sports can almost seem like a rite of passage for the aspiring athlete, so much so that you might not even take the time to wonder what exactly the point of “bulking up” is in the first place. Bulking up refers to the building of muscle mass and the adding of weight […]

Gift Ideas for Fitness Friends in Your Life

We all have one – that friend that is always talking about the new organic produce store they shop at, how many miles they’ve ran that morning, and how long they’ve done yoga. The great thing about these friends is their fitness hobbies make them ridiculously easy to shop for when the holiday seasons roll […]

Post-Run Relaxation: Tips for Your Marathon Vacation

You’ve trained for months, you’ve completed all your weekly long runs, and you’re packing for your destination marathon vacation: what will you do when you are ready for some unwinding? Here are a few tips to get you started taking a break from running on your activity-filled vacation. First, you’ll want to do some relaxing […]

Tips for Overcoming Embarrassment when Going to the Gym

You should never experience embarrassment when going to the gym. Although this makes sense, this isn’t the case with many individuals who may have low self confidence for a variety of reasons. There are many reasons why people don’t go to the gym. However, excessive underarm sweating should not be one of those reasons. Sweating […]