Fighting the Monster of Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction boxes you into a corner. What starts as a social habit soon turns into a monster that you cannot control. After much reflection, you may take the great leap of faith and quit. Sadly, this may only last a few days. This is because your body has gotten used to a high dose […]

How Physical Therapy Can Help You

Physical therapy not only helps a person recover from an injury but also helps to avoid future injuries. This type of therapy does this by reducing the amount of pain within the soft tissues in order to improve function, flexibility and improve muscle strength.With the help of a physical therapist, those with injuries either sport, […]

When Rehab is the Right Choice

As someone who has previously worked in a rehab center, and have known people who struggle greatly with addictions, it is very important that people understand when sending a friend or loved one to rehab is the right choice. Addictions come about slowly, that is their nature. An individual might start drinking socially a drink […]